Rebel Love Story (A BVB Fanfic)

Rebel Love Story (A BVB Fanfic)

Hey guys, so this is a Black Veil Brides fan fiction. If you have never heard of them or you've heard of them but have never listen to their music, I encourage you to look up and listen to their song In The End.
Anyway, read and comment. All mean comments will be removed.
Rock on.

Chapter 1

Started with a video

Hey. My name is Blair Devaroué (pronounced Dev-uh-roe.) I'm 19 years old and this is my Rebel Love Story.
It all started with a video and an email. Allow me to explain. I am a huge Black Veil Brides fan and Andy Biersack is like a god to me. I adore him. I would give anything to meet him but I know I never will. But I just wanted him to know its so I came up with a plan. I'm a singer and I decided to make a video of me singing and send it to someone who I thought could help make sure he saw it. So I recorded myself singing one of my favorite BVB songs, Rebel Love Song. I ended the video with me telling Andy how amazing I thought he was and how he's so inspiring to me. How I love his attitude and the way he looks at things and I'll admit that I told him I loved him. Once I had my video, I sent it with the following email:

''Dear Ellen DeGeneres,

I'm sending this to you not to get attention or try and find fame. I'm merely sending this hoping you can help me out in getting Andy Biersack to view it. I am a huge fan of him and I just want him to know. I'm not looking for money or anything of the sort. I hope and pray you can help me out. It would mean the world to me. Black Veil Brides saved my life and I just want him to know that. Thank you.
Blair Devaroué''

I hit sent then the wait began. Two weeks later, I got a phone call from the woman herself.

"Hello?" I answer hesitantly not knowing the number on the caller ID

"Blair?" She asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Hi, this is Ellen. I saw your video." She tells me. I about drop the phone in shock.

"Hi. Oh my god. I'm like stunned right now." I reply almost speechless.

"Well, I'm calling you to tell you that I'd like to have you on my show. You mentioned that they saved your life and I'd like to hear your story." She replies.

"O-okay. When?" I ask.

"I have someone headed your way to pick you up. We talked to your aunt and she told us where you are." She tells me.

"Whoa, okay then. I'll be ready!" I reply.

"Okay. See you soon, Blair." She replies and we hang up. Holy shxt...This is insane. I'm going to be on the Ellen show. Whoa.

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