Rants of a Teenage Dirtbag

Warning: This rant book might appeal to some as mildly offensive. If you are likely to get easily offended, it is best if you leave now. Negative comments might be removed, as I said in one of my rants, NO DRAMA and flame wars. This is a rant book so feel free to whine, bxtch, moan, and complain about anything and I might put up a rant for you if you'd like.Thank you for your time. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Mainstream media

by: Utopia
I know what you're probably thinking. Oh, Emma. Not another one of those rants where people complain about modern society again! Well too bad. Not only am I going to rant about today's society, but about its people and music and brainwashed trends such as the #hashtag.

Today's rant is going to be about..you guesed it, music. Like seriously, I'd rather listen to a strangling cat in a dishwasher when it's turned on, than listen to some of the shıt we have on the radio. In fact, it shouldn't even be called music. Just garbage and happy horse shıt, like Rebecca Black "Friday" for example. Dear GOD don't even get me started on that song. I'll stab a freaking scissor in my ear.

Yes I understand we have some good music on the radio for example, like Adele or Lana Del Rey and stuff like that. But Miley Cyrus and crÄ…p like that? Hell no.
I can sum up all songs on the radio in about..3 categories. Give or take like
● Break-up songs
● Party songs
● Songs about past experiences, actually deep meaning songs (hard to come by)

Now I'm not saying that I hate party songs too. They're pretty good for when you're on a night out and getting pumped, etc. But it starts to get annoying after a while, hearing it on the radio for more than 5x a day. It's all like, Let's get drunk, let's smoke, let's fųck anybody in sight, fųck what the "haters" say..
I'm sick of hearing how much you drank, or how many drugs you took or how many people you fůcked. News flash, mainstream artists! I DON'T CARE. I give zero fųcks.

It's a cliche at this point, ANYONE can rap or sing about parties, it doesn't take anything special, it gives no absolute meaning.

When there is actually a good and meaningful song on the radio, let's say Macklemore 'Thrift Shop' for example. At the start, I liked it. It was basically telling me, Hey who cares about Gucci? Just go to the thrift shop it was refreshing. But then the radio had ruined it over by playing it WAY too much.

When I'm in a bad mood and need something to reflect on. What the fùck can I listen to? "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus? Fuçk that shıt, and fuçk her. She's basically turned into a slút.

I blame the drinking and partying nature of our society. That's partly the reason. The other is some people. You guys will at least know one of these. You ask them what kind of music they are into and they say that one sentence I hate hearing.
"Oh you know, whatever is on the radio?"
Are you freaking kidding me?
These people are sheep, just going with the flow. Letting the media tell them how to dress or how to act or what music to listen to. Can't they think for themselves? No they can't, because they're freaking idiots.

It just pisses me off, how music can greatly affect us.
There's tons of people out there who can sing or rap about meaningful things. Political, social, and cultural issues. Past experiences, and just about life in general. Yet these people are underground, barely even heard of.

Why isn't there more of that on the radio? Why isn't there more meaningful songs on the radio? I mean sure there's breakup songs but thats as meaningful as it gets, really. sighs

Rap is probably the worst for this, it's basically a bragging game. Seeing how much $$, bıtches or guns that rapper has. It's all about the bling bling, money, whöres, cars, səx, need I say more?

All the top rappers are fxcking people like Monotone Drake, or Lil Wayne, or Big Āss Minaj. Do you seriously listen to these people and go, "Wow this person is intelligent, they know what they're talking about, it's so meaningful and inspiring."

Fùckıng hell like...you actually have to go out and search for good music, we shouldn't have to. You don't have to go out and search for good games, good movies or good TV shows.

Why should music be any different? Well as long as there are sheep there to follow whatever bullshıt the record companies are trying to tell you, then there will always be this type of music.

I know music is opinionated, and I totally get that. Some people like Rap, some people like Rock (I know I do), and some people might like Pop. That's fine, I'm not telling you what music to listen to.

I'm asking you, next time you hear a song on the radio, just actually listen to the lyrics and see what that person is saying. I understand it may be catchy and fun, but what is the artist actually saying? It might surprise you.

Put down in the comments what kind of music you like and link some of your favorite songs if you like. I would love to hear it. I'm going to update this more often, I'm thinking of doing a rant every two to three days. If there's anything you'd like me to rant about, just put it the comments below and if I hate it enough, I will.

I'm sorry if this rant hurt anyone's feelings, I apologize in advance and remember: I do not hate you. Have an awesome day.

Rock on,
~Emma ♡

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