An Unoriginal Idea - Chapters of Complaints

An Unoriginal Idea - Chapters of Complaints

I was inspired to make my own rant book - thanks to Natasha, (Natasitsa) Emily (A_Small_Drop) and Ivory. (Sass_And_Spazz_146) Your rant books were paragons...I never really wanted to read rant books, when I was new to Quibblo. However, after reading Natasha's rant book - my mind performed a near-perfect 180°...and my opinions on rant books has changed significantly. Please rate this and tell me what you think, in the comments section! :D

Chapter 1

People Who Use Emotional Appeal...Frequently

Now, don't get me wrong. This method is powerful and even spectacular - if you use emotive vocabulary in persuasive speeches, song writing or literary works (I may have not listed some other examples, although...I think that you get the point.)

However, part of the reason why sentiment is useful for these purposes; is that persuasive speeches et cetera, have a practical application to life. I'm sure you're familiar with it - whether you've done it at school, as a hobby - or because joined seriously want to express your feelings hand individuality, to the world.

You know what? That's totally fine with me. Songs would be dull without emotion; so would art, dance and drama / theatre. Emotion plays a huge role in these arts, especially drama / theatre. Getting to the point though, if you're in a heated argument with someone - utilising emotional appeal alone, is not the best way to approach the situation.

Okay, so...allow me to use a time, when my own mother; used emotional appeal against me, when we had a disagreement in perspectives. ('J' will be me and 'I' is my mother.)

J: "Why won't you let me drive anymore?"
I: "Because, when you drive - you make me feel scared. You didn't inherit the driver's instinct and aren't always aware and you don't react fast enough. Even if I let you go to a driving school, I can't put the brakes on if you stuff up. It doesn't matter if you go to the best driving school - I'm worried and you're not good enough. Your driving teacher said that you're not ready yet. Wait later."
J: "What?! How come my sister is allowed to drive and not me? Waiting until any time, is not going to make me a better driver at all. What if I need to go somewhere myself - and a bus or the train doesn't go there, at a certain time?"
I: "Your sister has the driver's instinct and she can understand us quicker. She has quicker reflexes mad she doesn't have a disorder - like you do. I'm just scare about your safety. What if, one day you end up in a car crash - and then you become damaged for life? What then? I'm so scared. Then, you won't be able to do anything."
(My mum then starts crying. Right, as if anything she just said is going to convince me into believing her at all.)

I'm not even kidding, I was crying when I typed this just now - because I am so frustrated about this. First of all, yes - she has seen me drive and although I am not stellar and magnificent; it doesn't mean that I can't improve and keep learning.

Second of all, just because my driving teacher said that I wasn't ready at that time - it doesn't mean I'll never be ready. When a kid is bad at maths, what do they do to get better? Practice, learn, practice and more practice. If the kid didn't practice - it would be nearly impossible, for them to improve.

That leads or my third point. My dad also said that I should wait until I turn 21 or 25, until they will let me drive. My dad used one of my mum's friends - as an example, saying that she's only learning to drive these days and that she's about 40-something. So? Shouldn't that mean, that while I am still young - I should learn as soon as possible?

Those morons use my disorder as an excuse as well. I have a mild case of this disorder - in fact, I might not even have it at all anymore...because my school nurse said that I seem so normal and fine. When I tell people that I have Asperger's Syndrome, they often give me a surprised look; and tell me that they had no idea, because I seem so normal. What do you think that means?

I could go on and on about what is wrong with this dispute. I have other disputes with my parents; although, maybe I'll discuss that in the later chapters of this rant book. Let me think of another that does not involve me, this time. Okay, so this applies heavily to maths, science or anything factual and based on logic. When a maths question says: "How many litres of petrol will Sally need, on a five-day road trip? Justify the reasonableness of your answer."

How many maths teachers have said, to not say something like: 'My answer is reasonable, because I calculated it right and I think that it's the right answer, because that's the method I was taught in class.'

Uh, do you know your answer is right? 'I just know'? What - did you pull it out of your butt, communicate with spirits, eat a lollipop and see the answer written on the wrapper; or did you see the answer to this math question in the dream you had last night? Bullshīt, mate. You're not even mentioning the numbers and calculations you used to prove your answer. Yes, the teacher taught you that method in class; although I'm pretty freakin' sure, that they taught you that because that's (probably) the best and proven way to do it - not because 'it feels right' or 'I just know.'

Or if someone points out a fault of yours, like: "Why are you so negative all the time?" Saying something like: "I have depression and I hate my life. So-and-so did this to me and all of this shīt happened when I was younger. I feel like nobody understands me and it hurts..."

Unless you went to a G.P or your school nurse - or any professional, specialising in the medical sector and they diagnosed you with whatever condition(s); then it is NOT okay to keep going on and on, about what bad things you've experience, feign a disorder or illness, lie and exaggerate your problems to people.

You are manipulating peoples emotions, for your own benefit; and you're also putting out a bad reputation - for those of us, who do genuinely have a mental illness, disorder, disease et cetera. It's nor fair to us, who were or are actually diagnosed with certain health issues. It's not fair to those, who actually try to sympathise - or give you a helping hand and comfort you. It's irritating to see people online and offline, attention-seeking and posting walls and walls of complaints...about how bad their life is, or whatever it may be.

Instead of relying on others and social media - to better your self esteem and alleviate your stresses - has any of these compulsive, annoying whingers, considered discussing their issues with a professional; talking it out to a trusted friend or family member honestly; doing whatever makes them feel happy; performing random acts of kindness to people they both know and don't know; involving themselves in volunteering, donating and caring for others' welfare and so on?

If these irritating complainers haven't tried at least one of these things; then I don't see why - you are valid to whine about whatever you have to say. If you have done everything you can in the world, to solve a certain problem - then fine, you can complain! If you haven't though, then you had better shut your trap, because people will notice this pattern...and you're going to lose friends and fans. Does it hurt to be a little bit more optimistic?

If there is no better justification and evidence, to support your claims - then shut up! If somebody criticises you, you should consider what they say and think: 'What did I say or do, to make them say this about me?' Of course, sometimes people are just insecure and mock, harass or make fun of you - they're quite easy to spot. If it's your best friend, a teacher - or anyone that you like and trust, giving you criticism - then you might want to swallow your pride and reflect for a bit.

These people are really just trying to help you. They're being cruel to be kind, they're giving you tough love and honesty. Being told what you want to hear, will not make you happy. That's delusional and appalling. Saying: "Why would you say that about me? I thought I was your friend, I'm so hurt. I went through so-and-so..."

Is not going to remedy the situation - at all! Yeah, whatever - say what you want. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that hate can't be driven away by hate; and that dark can't be driven out by dark. Only love and light can do that. Saying something spiteful to someone else, in such a scenario - becomes a mess of an unnecessarily, emotionally-driven problem. Why do you think people who work in retail and hospitality; are expected to remain calm, diplomatic and enforce constructive criticism?

You tell me. It's not just because it's their job. It's far more complex than that.

Yelling, crying and grunting your claims will not benefit anyone or anything either.

Over-emotional people are pessimistic, annoying and narrow-minded. I'm pretty sure all of us, has encountered at least one or two of these kinds of people. I hope I haven't bored you, with this super long chapter - sorry! I just have a lot to say.

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