The ABC Repost

I reposted it for you (Muzzle)!

Chapter 1

Default Chapter Title

Available: What do you mean by that? Available can mean many things.

Birthday: July 7th

Crushing on: No one. I am not lying.
Drink last had: Some water. It's actually right next to me
Easiest person to talk to: My friends in real life. If you're talking about Quibblo, then I don't know. I talk to a variety of people, not just the same person all the time.

Fave song: I like a lot of songs. With some positive songs, I like the lyrics, but maybe not the tune or rhythm. With other songs it may be vice versa. I don't know if I can pick. I like Complicated by Avril Lavigne, but it's kind of old.

Giggling: I giggle a lot. Especially around my friends who have a strange sense of humor.

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas.
In love with someone: No way!

Justify your personality: People have told me that I'm very smart, pretty, funny, and I tend to be mature (most of the time). I'm stubborn sometimes and I don't always like having to obey authority and submitting.

Killed someone: Uh, no.
Longest car ride: Probably about 8 hours, but who's counting?.

Milkshake flavor: I don't drink milkshakes. Period.

Number of siblings: One younger sister, she's four years younger than me.
One wish: That I could better reach the high expectations I set for myself.
Person that called me last: I don't know. Maybe a random friend from school.

Quibblo Content: I mainly make small polls and surveys. I've never really made any personality quizzes. I haven't made anything at all lately, since I reached my 300th friend 42 friends ago. In the beginning, I was really into making scored quizzes on a book series I used to be crazy about.

Reason to smile: God's blessings on my life and friendships definitely make me smile. I have other ones, too, but those are probably the most important in my life right now.
Song that I last sang: That would be yesterday. I don't prefer to sing in front of people; I sing like a little kid. I was singing when I was home alone. I don't remember what I was singing, though.

Time I woke up today: 5:35. Exactly. That is about the time I wake up for school, and I forgot to turn the alarm off.

Underwear colour: I know what color it is, but why would I tell you? That's weird :)
Vegetable: Probably carrots or something.

Worst habit: Biting my fingernails. I've done it for a loooong time.
X-rays done: Only on my teeth :)
Years living where I live: All my life.
Zodiac sign: My Western zodiac is Cancer and my Chinese one is the Dragon. ;)

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Brynn Wlls ("y" doesn't count as a vowel, right?)

Color I wear the most: I wear a variety. If I had to pick, probably cool colors, blue, green, purple.

Favorite thing to do: Read, write, and play games on my electronic devices.

Favorite class in school: Probably Spanish?

When do I go back to school: I already have.

Am I dating anyone: I never have and I still haven't. I had the chance to, one time, but I didn't take it.

Can I dance: In a word. No.

Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Nope.
Whistle: Nope.
Cross my eyes: Yup.
Curl my tongue: Mope.

Temperature outside: I have no idea. I don't have a thermometer on me.

Cried over the opposite gender: Once, only because they were really rude. that was when I was a kid, though :)

Height: About 5' 0''
Kissed someone: Nope. Needs no explanation.


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