The Collection of Re-Posted Content - Muzzle Edition

The Collection of Re-Posted Content - Muzzle Edition

Thank you to Couldntstayaway, your re-post made me want to make my own version. This is a re-post collection, that I've decided to make. The third chapter is an original one that I made myself - and it is a spin-off of the first chapter's style. I hope you enjoy it, thanks for clicking on the link. Please rate, comment and share this with your friends! That would be fantastic.

Chapter 1

The ABC 'About Me' Re-Post

Available: What do you mean by that? Well, I'm always logged into Quibblo - because my iPod Touch keeps on crashing, if I log in and out everyday. So, I decided to stay logged in to stay updated; and prevent the frequency of Quibblo crashing on my iPod. If I don't respond to you soon, it's probably because I'm not actually online at the time. xD

Birthday: January

Crushing on: A guy in my hospitality class, who I really don't want to crush on - but inevitably, I am. Darn it! I have other stuff to deal with too. :/
Drink last had: Some water, nothing too exciting. :)

Easiest person to talk to: That's hard, there are quite a few people to choose from. Although, I have to say Natasitsa, Jaelin K and of course - Couldntstayway, are my favourite people on Quibblo, to talk to.

Fave song: You're not going to make me pick just one again, right? Well, these days my favourite songs include I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes, Bad Apple! by Tōhō and Banana by G.NA. :)

Giggling: I giggle pretty often at school, especially in Hospitality class. A friend of mine who keeps on being (jokingly) mean to me, just cracks me up. X) It's so hilarious, although I do still manage to get stuff done in that class though, haha.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
In love with someone: Not quite there, just an intense crush.

Justify your personality: Hey, don't forget the letter 'j' guys! I made up this one, by the way. I've been told that I am pretty, honest, cute, smart, thoughtful and mature. I endeavour to remain optimistic in the scenarios I encounter; I am a highly opinionated person, who values exactitude. I have a natural inclination towards responsibility and seriousness.

I can be arrogant, stubborn and I sometimes procrastinate more than I should. My motto in life is: 'Live and let live!'

Killed someone: Uh, no.
Longest car ride: What, I don't bother counting this stuff. Numbers ain't my best friend, mind you.

Milkshake flavor: I'm not that fond of milkshakes, although I'd say I like banana-flavoured ones. I also like banana flavoured milk, banana lollies...and real bananas are just OK.

Number of siblings: One older sister, she's two years older than me.
One wish: To leave home and find my freedom, happiness and evolved, true self.
Person that called me last: On my mobile phone? Yesterday, a guy friend called me - since I didn't know where they were, at one point.

Quibblo Content: I also added 'q', voluntarily. Hey, this is the whole alphabet - right? I mainly make personality quizzes, I sometimes post questions and occasionally a few stories, here and there. I rarely make polls and surveys and I have made a few scored quizzes too. I like predicting one's personality, via just looking at them. A good way to hypothesise one's personality or behaviour - is by their eyes.

'The eyes are the windows to the soul.' I'd say that rings true, to some extent. :)

Reason to smile: My accomplishments, real friends, beauty / aesthetics, music, good food and adventure...I could keep going, but I'll just end it here.
Song that I last sang: That would be yesterday...I can't remember. I was vacuuming, whilst I was singing though.

Time I woke up today: I dunno, past 6:45 a.m'ish. I have 8:00 a.m morning classes I attend, from Monday to Thursday.

Underwear colour: I would tell you, but I don't remember what it is. I can't be stuffed to look, either. :)
Vegetable: Asian mushrooms

Worst habit: Picking at my toenails. It's not very fancy, I know.
X-rays done: No, I don't think so.
Years living where I live: In this country (Australia)? Seventeen.
Zodiac sign: My Western zodiac is Capricorn and my Chinese one is the Rat. ;)

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Jssc Glds

Color I wear the most: Black, white and grey are shades - so, I suppose they kind of don't count. Hmm, I dunno...neutral or subtle colours like pastel pink, cream, light brown, beige or nudes.

Favorite thing to do: Speak or write in a language other than English - mainly Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French and a little bit of Latin, randomly. :D

Favorite class in school: Hospitality, actually. Languages can be a drag overtime, if it's at school. If it's anywhere but school, languages are engaging to me.

When do I go back to school: I already have, I don't have summer vacation right now - since I live in Australia. The time I start school is also diverse to the U.S school starts.

Am I dating anyone: I never have and I still haven't. I had the chance to, one time - but...well, it's sort of personal. I'm not too touchy to discuss it with you, anyhow. :)

Can I dance: My sense of rhythm is quite appalling, actually. I mean, yeah - I can. If you think about it, everybody has the ability to dance, sing, act, draw et cetera. It's more of a case of being good at it - practicing, patience, hard work and being consistent, will probably get you what you want. So, am I good at dancing?


Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Well, I've never tried it. I don't think I'd be able to, anyway.
Whistle: I can't...I've tried to and failed, every single time. :/
Cross my eyes: No, I can't do that either. xD
Curl my tongue: Ahaha...are you trying to find my weaknesses? No, I can't do that either.

Temperature outside: I'm not sure, I honestly can't really be bothered to look either. It's in degrees Celsius... xD

Cried over the opposite gender: Once, only because they were a jerk to me.
Do songs make me cry: Rarely, but it has happened a few times.

Height: Roughly 5'2, which is approximately 160 cm.
Kissed someone: No, nobody yet. :/ I've been kissed on the cheek a few times, by this flamboyant girl, that I am around at recess.

Thank you so much, for reading this! Repost this? :3

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