Year 2102

Chapter 1

Clara Murphington- Government gone bye bye

Clara, an ordinary 15 year old girl has set out to make a way for herself in the world. Unfortunately it would be a lot easier if the government hadn't collapsed, about a year ago.

In the year 2100, a good chunk of the US government collapsed, and the rest was weakened horribly. The worst of it is in the Midwest, particularly Minnesota, which is where Clara lives. There is no such thing as law anymore. Money is useless, and stores are raided, along with ordinary citizens and their homes. Police? Nope, they don't exist anymore either. Very few people are willing to help others, not even the homeless.

That is an atrocity to Clara. Her green eyes are not mysterious at all. They are kind. She may be small, but her heart is big. There is absolutely no way to actually help people. Charity gets undone at a fast rate here.

Clara's life has been damaged since the collapse. She is still alive, which is a miracle, her house is still standing, and it hasn't yet been raided or set o fire. She still has both parents. Some of the most important people in her live have been cruelly torn away by murderers. Her older brothers. One of them went into the remains of the city and never came back. When they saw him again he was stiff, and blue. Blood covered his head. he had been bludgeoned to death. Two of them died in a fire. Her parents mourn the loss heavily, every day but Clara stays strong. For them. For herself.

The reason she stays strong is because Richard might still be alive. Richard Murphington had been away during the initial raids. At the time he had been working as a microbiologist on the east coast. He was a genius and had made powerful enemies.

Exactly one year ago today Clara had received a letter from Richard saying that his work was becoming dangerously tense, and that he was coming home to protect his family.

One year later he had never come home.

Clara knows he is still alive and she is determined to find him one day. She flips her long, strawberry blonde pony tail over her shoulder, and heads to the road where an old man lays in the ditch. He has been beaten, and is badly wounded. Clara helps him up and brings him into the house where his wounds can be properly attended to.

"Thank-you Lass," he rasps. Clara is glad she can help someone. Maybe he has a clue to where Richard could be.

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