It's time to say goodbye....i'm sorry.


Chapter 1

Thank you.

by: Amaysie
Dear everyone. This will be the last thing i'll ever post on Quibblo. I hoped this day wouldn't have to come but....i'm leaving. Quibblo just...isn't fun anymore. Not like it used to be. I've already been gone for more than a month now so i thought about would making a quick update just to confirm that i'm not dead hehe. You see....i'm switching schools. Things really haven't been going well at my old school. I've had to go trough a lot of drama with my family as well. I thought 2013 was the worst year of my life but i'm not so sure anymore. Anyway i'm switching schools and my life is taking a lot of turns lately and i'm super stressed and busy and so many things are going on with my life. I....i'm gonna miss you guys so much. Quibblo have had a huge effect on my life and without all of you i probably wouldn't be where i am today. Some of you already know that i don't have many friends outside of school so i've been extremely lonely and anti-social for over half a year. But because of my Quibblo friends i don't feel so lonely anymore. You don't know who i am in real life. But the friends i've found on Quibblo are real and our friendship is something that means a lot to me. You've all been so supporting and understanding and i appreciate that SO MUCH! You probably don't feel like you've done anything special. But just you being your awesome and amazing selves means the world to me. Even though i'm gone please don't stop being absoutely awesome. NEVER stop being who you are. Keep being creative! And please keep making new friends on Quibblo. I want everyone to feel just as welcome and safe as you guys made me feel. So thank you everyone. Thank you for all your support and thank you for making my time Quibblo some of the best days of my life. You don't know how much you all mean to me and i would do anything to be your friend in real life if i could :) Goodbye. I'll miss you.


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