thank you guys so much for the support and kindness from my last post. i am glad u guys still like me and like i said, i am not that kinda girl at all.

Chapter 1

how it went

we arrived on the 5th and were there for a week. it was fun, i havent been there in 6 years and my grandma was so excited to see me, my mom and sis.

i also saw my uncle, his wife and our cousins who are like 4 and 10 but it was the first time meeting them. they had this really cute black and brown terrier dog named blackie and i got along with him so well that i called him my husband. (idk why lol) also they have a cute girl cat that they named "jorge" which is spanish for george! lol we kept joking that no male cat is ever gonna marry a girl cat with a boy name and we called her "jorgina" which is basically georgina in spanish lol.

i also saw my aunt and her kids, who are 11 and 18. my cousin is a dance teacher and he is RIPPED, i mean seriously he has muscles and abs! i dont know why im saying that but oh well.

i met the 11 year old cousin for the first time and he was funny and cool. kinda reminded me of my cousins from america and he had the CUTEST white bunnies with some weird names, that are probably from a famous duo in mexico, "chon" and "chana". they were fluffy and to my suprise, my dumb mutt didnt eat them lol.

also i met my other cousin who was 18 named jonathan and he was cool and is pretty good at cooking cheeseburgers!

it was VERY RAINY compared to where i live in california and there was alot of mosquitos, so i got alot of bug bites. we stayed with our grandma in her quaint little house and it was nice.

we didnt go to that much places since my family over there isnt rich but like we went downtown to go shopping which was pretty cool and i kept eating these mexican sugar cookies called "deliciosa" which means delicious in spanish.

also like we saw my cousin perform with his dance crew and let me tell you, that boy CAN DANCE! he did all of these incredible backflips and mj inspired moves. he even had the one white glitter glove like michael.

also since i am like the PICKIEST person on the planet, i didnt eat my grandma's food at all except cheeseburgers since they were from america.
yeah i know, thats terrible lol

on the last day, my mom and uncle bought me and my sis a birthday cake and ice cream since my sister's bday is on aug 18 and mine is on sep 10, and they sang happy birthday in spanish and celebrated our birthdays early since we wouldn't there cause of school.

anyways it took a LONG time to go back from mexico though and i had 24 hr motion sickness and literally vomited EVERY SINGLE THING I DRANK OR DIGESTED, so yeah that sucked but i wasnt in mexico when that happen, i was in la.

so yeah thats how it went and we are planning to maybe go for christmas again this year.


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