Reckoning: The End of Days

We had always hoped that contact with an extra-terrestrial species would be peaceful. This was not the case.

Humanity have met our match.

Chapter 1


Date: August 4th, 2160 0647 hours (standard Eden II time)
Encrypted message (encryption code X-RAY NINER)
From: United Systems Navy frigate Justice
To: United Systems Navy dreadnought Lionheart

Begin message:

Fleet Admiral Clarke,

We have received a distress call from the Valor at 0553 hours. The report says Captain De Marco made long-range radar contact with an unidentified spacecraft while patrolling Eden II. The craft did not match any known signatures.

We’ve searched the Valor’s communication logs and found the following message: “Humans are an abomination. An abomination that must be wiped clean from this galaxy. The gods have demanded your extinction and we will be their instrument in your destruction.”

Voice patterns do not match that of humans.

Damage reports are as follows:

The Valor has been gutted from stem to stern in what looks to be a single shot.

Engines: inoperable

Communications array: slagged

Shield capacitors: disabled

We have deducted that, due to the burn marks, abrasions and lack of post-explosive residue that the weapons were not of human origin.

Code BLACKWATCH has been initiated and we are conducting further investigation. We are also requesting backup and further orders.

Might want to get MID on the horn as well. They’ll go nuts over this sh]t.

Signed: Captain Jakobs
Commanding Officer of the USN Justice

End of message

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