Working on being descriptive. Let me know how I did.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

She held a spherical object in her hand. It looked to be a small model of our planet, but I couldn't be sure. After all, who would carry that around with them? But I am no one to judge. Actually. I'm just no one.

My eyes start to scan up from the smallish globe in her hand. I start at her fingertips. The gleaming silver polish on her nails stood out to me. They were perfect, no chips or cracks. No evidence of paint on the sides of her fingers, that must have been there at some point. No one could paint with that precision. Could they? My eyes continued upwards, past her slender wrists with the foreign marks twirling around them. Such intricate designs. She really had an eye for these type of things.

Just above her elbow was where her hair began. Or ended, I suppose. The waves that rippled down her shoulders were every color at once, but at the same time it wasn't really a color at all. Either way, it was gorgeous. My eyes started to retreat, wanting to save her face for last. They flew across the rest of her. She was short and slim. Her top was red, her pants were black. The skin that covered her small frame was milky white.

I stepped back for a moment, suddenly aware that the way I had been staring probably was perceived as creepy. I stutter a quiet apology. There was no answer. She was standing impossibly still when I looked back at her. There was a small breeze, but her hair was still. Her body was still. She was still.

I take a chance and look up at her face. My skin crawls and I take yet another step back. Her facial features were twisted and demented. Her red lips were stretched across her face in a sly smile. Blood dripped out of the left corner in a steady stream, almost like a faucet that had been left on so it was just barely there. I was scared to keep looking up, but my eyes betrayed me. In between those red lips were sharp white teeth. So white they almost hurt to look at.

In between her mouth and her eyes was ordinary. A slim nose, looked like any other. Small blemishes on either cheek. She looked to be about sixteen, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. I looked up a just a little further.

Perfectly sculpted eyebrows laid above what might be the most frightening detail about her. They were the same non-color as her hair, only just a bit lighter. Underneath those eye brows were her eyes. If you could call them that. Normally where there was color, blue, green, brown, there ceased to be any. Her eyes were swimming pools of darkness, welling up with tears that were even darker. I took another hesitant step back.

The ghoulish grin on her face grew wider as she looked into my eyes. Her perfectly painted fingers dropped the small model earth that was clutched between them. It hit the floor and shattered into what seemed like a million pieces.

Her grin grew impossibly wider as she took a halting step towards me. My eyes flicked down to her black jean covered legs. Her feet were bare, and the same milky white color as the rest of her body. She took another step towards me, her movements robotic and slow. I knew I should probably run, but she intrigued me. I wasn't ready to leave yet.

A nervous laugh bubbled in my throat and escaped out my lips as she approached me. She echoed the sound. I keep stepping back, but her movements seemed to be quickening. I looked back up into her eyes and saw myself. The fear on my face was reflected back at me in those pools of midnight. I turned my back to her and started to run.

Before I got even a few feet away, she caught up to me, her hands wrapping around my neck. I fell to my knees, and fought against her desperately. Her hands tightened around my throat and I felt myself getting dizzy. I fell forward and my head hit the ground. The last thing I saw was the shattered pieces of the globe she had dropped.

My world had fallen apart.


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