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Chapter 1



A regular school, full of 600 kids with normal lives and normal hormonal moods and friends and school sports games. In this normal school there's bound to be a few kids that are a little different, born with physical or mental disabilities and normally outcast from others, parents worried the different kids will 'infect' their normal children, kids disgusted by anyone different from them. This story will be from the point of view of four kids, each with mental or physical disorders, struggling to overcome the harsh treatment from others and lead a regular life as a high/middle-schooler.


More Info;

Okay so that's the basic storyline, the kids will like find eachother and slowly become friends and it'll be a realistic fiction story where they go to parties and join sports and do classes and such and probably receive harsh treatment from more popular kids, but I think the story will have a happy ending. I really hope nobody finds this offensive, because I'm really not trying for that. I find mental/physical disorders a serious thing, but they're also a good writing prompt, but of course never anything to be made fun of.



1. Please, don't make a character with Multiple Personality Disorder. It's a legit thing but really overused and often misinterpreted.
2. I'll be accepting 3 other characters of any gender, but I would like maybe some relationships and at least 1 male character.
3. Be realistic please, seeing as this is not a fantasy story. Modern-day, realistic fiction.
4. This story takes place in Lafayette, Louisiana. I thought I'd do some place I don't know to much about, seeing as I usually do Finland, Minnesota, New York or Maine.
5. Make your characters unique and different in appearance and personality, I'll accept characters that are different from one another. Plus, don't make them perfect. If I see beautiful anywhere, I won't accept your character.
6. Make characters gay/lesbian/bi/pan/straight I really don't care whichever sexuality they are (I can't see why anyone should, especially me, being pan and all) but do take note that they can have crushes on others who aren't in the writer group, but it's generally more interesting if they have relationships with the main characters.
7. Here is a list of possible mental disorders for your character to have;
8. Your character can have one major disorder, or a few less serious ones. Whichever suits you better.
9. They can dress however. I'm not putting a cross on the leather jackets or combat boots, but make them distinguished and detailed.
10. Only enter once, and if you do, make sure you are up for writing. Only enter if you have had experience writing or writing with others.


Character Form;

Age- (13-16)
Love Interest-


My Character;

Name- Farsa Machibi (far-suh mah-shee-bee)
Age- 15
Gender- Female
Height- 5'6"
Weight- 142 lbs
Appearance- Slightly wavy, messy dark brown hair with natural highlights that reaches just below her chin, with messy bangs swept to the side that reach just to her flat, arched dark brown eyebrows. She has large, innocent-looking dark brown eyes with short, dark eyelashes and dark circles around her eyes from nights without sleep. She wears minimal makeup on her eyes, only a tiny bit of mascara and eyeliner. Her lips are naturally pink and slightly chapped, but soft. Her skin is light brown and smooth, with only a few freckles on her collarbone and neck. She's a bit tall and slightly flat-chested with wider hips and long legs. Her stomach is pretty flat but soft and smooth, and she always gives off a surprised and quiet demeanor.
Personality- Farsa is very quiet and eerie, and almost always avoids eye contact. She hates disappointing people and is easily disappointed, so she often lowers her expectations. She is very introverted and has never made friends, as she's been kept from school most of her life. Certain things can make her extremely mad and violent, but when her fits end she's usually left depressed and hardly sorry.
Clothing- Farsa mainly wears loose, slightly sheer button-up blouses in light colors that don't draw much attention, usually in light pink, light blue or beige. She usually wears light jeans with her shirts, in tan or light grey or light blue. She always wears tall brown leathery boots and a silver feather necklace. She owns two jackets, a brown leather one and a green cargo one. She wears either one on multiple occasions.
Disorder- diagnosed with schizophrenia, dyslexia and social anxiety. Diabetes, on a slightly more unrelated note.
Hobbies- Reading and writing, despite her dyslexia. Singing when others aren't around. Channels her thoughts through writing.
Love Interest- male or female? Anyone who can accept her and is just as 'messed up'.
Family- Her mother's name is Beea and her father left their family a long time ago, and her sister Chila is completely normal and seven years old. Her mother can hardly stand her, but her sister Chila loves whatever time she can spend with Farsa.
Other- She spent most of her life in a ward or with a therapist for her schizophrenia, so she was practically homeschooled. She sees usually the same couple of people and monsters and often acts the way she does on instruction from them. When she was 11 she landed someone in the hospital by breaking their arm and scratching them, resulting in them needing 42 stitches.

I really think this could be cool
sign up guys
it'll probably be closed by (at the latest) the end of August. Soonest is whenever I find I have three fitting entries.

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