Suzanne Harlson writes in her journal every chance she gets. Which isn't often when she is constantly running for her life. She's alone and she's afraid, but she is determined to get out alive.

Where ever out is.

Chapter 1

Log 01 -- day 32 -- 13:42

I can still hear their footsteps. The space under this desk is dusty, I don't think anyone has been in this room in a long time. It used to be an office I think. Or something like that. I thought this section of the building would be safe but they found me really quick. Musta hit me with Old Faithful, but I got away any way. I didn't think

13: 50
I stopped writing in here because I heard them outside the door. It was Hook, I think. I could see him through the glass, but it was all dirty so I don't know. He put his hand on the door knob but they called him away. They think I'm down the hall.

I think that means that I'm safe. At least for now. I might be able to get out before they do a second sweep. I'm going to stop writing while I see if the coast is clear.

I'm hiding in another room. It looks like a classroom, but I didn't know they had classrooms. Maybe its different.

When I left the Office Room it was Okay in the hall. I snuck towards the South Hall, and was good for a minute or two. then I heard the heavy feet. Heavy feet means that they're traveling in a big group. So I took of running. They must have heard me , because their footstep quickened too.

I was really scared, but I remembered an old trick. I opened and slammed a door closed, before getting away as quickly and quietly as possible. They fell for it and checked that room. I kept going to till I got to this room. I'm hiding in the closet. There's not that much dust in here. That means they use this room more often. I'll have to find a new hiding place.

The footsteps are back. They're really close to the door. Now they're at the door. I can't write now.


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