Super Powers A to Z (To be continued...)

Chapter 1


Adjusting - The ability to fight off particle stasis because of strong molecular motion with the body.

Advanced Agility - The ability of highly advanced form of Agility.

Advanced Combat - The ability of fully learned combat and martial arts skills.

Advanced Electrokinesis - The ability to shoot extremely powerful beam-like blasts of electricity.

Advanced Fire Throwing - An advanced form of Fire Throwing, allowing the user to throw streams of intense blow-torch like fire, capable of vanquishing even the most powerful beings.

Advanced Levitation - The ability of highly advanced form of Levitation to rise into the air and float in apparent defiance of gravity.

Advanced Photokinesis - The ability of highly advanced form of Photokinesis.

Advanced Telekinesis - The ability of highly advanced form of Telekinesis.

Aerokinesis - The elemental ability to create, control, and manipulate the very air and wind itself, its users often generating incredible gusts of silver air and wind. And create whirlwinds, tornadoes.

Aerokinetic Apportation - The ability to teleport objects through gusts of wind.

Aerokinetic Flaming - The ability to teleport where the user appears and disappears whilst being surrounded by Aerokinetic form of flames.

Aerokinetic Premonition - The ability to see the past, present and the future in form of a crystal-like cloud.

Aerokinetic Web Teleportation - The ability where the user appears and disappears whilst being surrounded by webs of Aerokinesis in order to travel from place to place.

Agility - The ability to lighten ones body and hence cause oneself to become more agile.

Animal Empathy - The ability to sense the emotions of animals and communicate and understand them through emotions.

Anthokinesis - The ability to mentally control and manipulate flowers.

Apportation - The ability to project matter through space in the form of energy.

Astral Confession - The ability to force someone's conscious to take astral form and admit the truth. These astral selfs cannot lie and will return to the body once the desired truth about a matter is settled.

Astral Holograms - The combined ability of Astral Projection and Holograms to make several holographic copies at once of yourself appear.

Astral Possession - The ability to use one's astral form to enter the bodies of other beings and possess them.

Astral Premonitions - The ability to astral project into a premonition and thus travel through time. This is an advanced form of precognition combined with astral projection.

Astral Projection - The ability to project your consciousness from your body elsewhere in a corporeal or astral, invisible form.

Astral Suggestion - The ability to implant thoughts into others.

Atmokinesis- The ability to control and manipulate all various aspects of the weather at will.

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