I'm deleting. The message everyone hates to appear in their inbox. XD

Simple enough: I'm deleting my account on here.

Chapter 1

Not goodbye

Well, I'm really glad I made my account on here because I truly met some really great people that I hope to stay in contact with. But,long story short, I feel like this site just isn't right for me anymore. It's not really that I don't have time for it because although at times that is true, I find myself getting bored sometimes and needing this site to keep me entertained. It's more of the fact that I just don't get the same feeling that I used to get from this site anymore. I'm annemotional person, in the sense that I like feel something from everything that I do. This is nothing that anyone has said or done, I just simply don't feel the same about this site anymore. I don't really want to make a big deal about this because I know how annoyed people get whenever they see an inbox message about someone deleting. I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone by sending this,my intention was just simply to get the word out to people who may care. I started sending messages out but I realized that I might miss a few people and I would hate to leave without giving someone a means to contact me. So, if you're interested in staying in contact with me than my email address is: theloyalfairy@gmail,com. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this if yon have and thanks for all of the amazing conversations I have had with some of you. I know this website, and this world, tends to forget people over time. It might be inevitable but if you guys could, please don't forget me. That's all I ask, is for you to remember. Another thing I sang time add is to please not be sad about this announcement. The last thing I want is for anyone to be sad because of me. So, thanks everyone, for the amazing times I have had. This isn't goodbye, I hope to stay in touch with as many of you as possible. I mean return one day even, you never know. Can't wait to see what the future holds with some of y'all. <3


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