Typical Girl Meets The Bad Boy

Avigayle Jacobs, a typical high school senior, has a story, like everyone else. It's her high school story. She's labeled in her friends' circle as the ordinary girl.
Danton Dominic, the high school bad boy, crosses paths with the plain Avi. Could Avi be enough for Danton in order for him to fall for her? But will she even fall for a guy like Dan?

Chapter 1

First Day

Avi heard a loud honk outside the gigantic gate. She threw her phone inside her backpack and flung it over her shoulder. Her best friend Lila would be picking her up today, and that was because they'd be able to chatter on the way to school. Senior high.

"Hurry up, Avi! I've been waiting for you for ages!" Lila called out to her, as she was just opening the gates.

"Coming, blondie!" Avi rolled her eyes, and tied her brown hair into a high ponytail as she got inside Lila's car. She could see that it was a Toyota.

Lila narrowed her eyes as she saw Avi. "Aren't you going to make your first day of senior high special? You know, a cool outfit or something?" Lila asked her best friend in genuine puzzlement as her blonde bangs fell on her forehead.

Avi looked down at her navy striped polo and mustard yellow pants. No, she didn't want to make her outfit attract too much attention, like Lila's eye-catching miniskirt and loose shirt. To Avi, she looked hot.

"Ugh, fine. Let's just go, your stare creeps me out." Lila rolled her eyes.

"Fine, blondie." Avi smirked. She loved to annoy her.
A banner greeted the two girls as soon as they pushed open the school doors. Students were hanging out by their lockers, checking out the hallways, or chilling out at the field. It was evident that they arrived early, since the office wasn't packed much.

The two girls went straight to the office, and the bored woman behind the desk looked up, adjusting her silver reading glasses. She gave them their nametags, schedules, and locker numbers.

"So what's your locker number?" Lila asked, while busy reading her schedule.

"213." Avi replied. She glanced at Lila's paper and saw that it was 215.

"One person apart? Not bad, really." Avi shrugged and they went straight to the lockers to put their bags and knickknacks inside.

"Uh oh, I think we only have two classes together, and that's arts and history...ugh!" Lila sighed in frustration, crossing her arms. But Avi wasn't paying attention. A huge wave of students was washing all over the school, and they had to enter their classroom, quickly, before they'd be part of a student stampede.

Avi's first subject was homeroom, with a certain Ms. Andrews. She saw that the teacher was already organizing her desk. Only a few five students were in the classroom, and that forced her to sit in the middle row, beside the window. She could choose whether to participate or to just doze off without being seen.

The teacher spun around, and Avi got a glimpse of her face. She looked stern, especially with her light auburn hair tied in a tight bun and looking at the students with an icy cold stare. Avi flinched as she saw it.

The room was soon filled with students, and felt someone sit beside her. She thought it was one of her friends, causing her to spin around.

"OW!" The guy beside her exclaimed. Avi felt her head ache. She just hit her forehead onto a guy's face. "Watch what you're doing, idiot!" The guy said with a glare. Fortunately, the footsteps of the students were loud enough for Ms. Andrews to hear the guy.

Avi didn't want to spoil her day, so she just stared at the window while she could feel the guy beside her mutter curses under his breath, which she didn't take notice of, again.

Ms. Andrews began to talk as soon as the last student came in. Then they saw the principal through the projector, still Principal Cade.

"Hello students!" His manly voice greeted them warmly. "Feel welcome at Harper-Jones High, especially to our newcomers. And regards to the students who have studied here before. I am sure you will all have a fun school year ahead of you once again!" He cleared his throat for a while, then continued.

"We are giving you another year to make friends, use our best school facilities, have fun studying about the world, and to have new fun experiences! High school is an important part of growing up, and here at Harper-Jones High, we are going to make your experience wonderful!" He paused, then smiled his adult smile. "You may now all resume your classes. And, oh, please go to the club section to pick the school club you'll be joining later at lunch break!"

Then Ms. Andrews turned off the projector stiffly, and Avi heard the guy beside her snort. "Pathetic speech, he said that last year," He appeared to be talking to himself.

The class started, and Avi wasn't interested much in Ms. Andrews. She droned on and on, occasionally scolding the other students.

"Now here is your assignment!" She boomed. Avi couldn't believe it. Homework on the first day of school? She thought, this better be fun.

"Write something about yourself. Then you will have a partner, and write about him or her." The students cheered and looked for their friends, but Avi's friends weren't in the class. But she sensed there was a catch.

"But, I will pick your partner. Boy to girl." Students groaned, except for the ones who had friends of the opposite gender, who hoped they'd be picked together.

Avi sighed and saw that there were an extra two girls, making the number of boys and girls unequal, and the two extras would have to partner. She wished she was one of the two extr-

"Avigayle Jacobs, kindly partner with Danton Dominic." She heard Ms. Andrew's stern voice. She glanced at the other students' nametags, but the name wasn't there. She saw the hooded guy beside her searching too. She felt the urge to ask him.

"Are you Danton? Danton Dominic?" Avi asked, hoping that she wouldn't hear a rude reply from this guy who was rude to her a while ago.

"Yeah..." The guy's eyes narrowed and looked at her nametag. "Oh, sheet of paper," He hissed with scorn.

Avi rolled her eyes, fuming inside. "Get over it and get your notepad out," She hissed back, earning a glare from the Danton guy.
It was already lunch, after a few more subjects. She wasn't particularly thrilled, because Dan was almost at every subject, except for chemistry and algebra.

"Hey girl," Lila waved at her and skipped towards Avi. "Got your food already?"

"Uh, not yet, I'll have to fall in line." She replied, and waved at her two other friends, Macy and Dorothy while walking to the cafeteria line, bumping into someone again, literally falling in line with the person she bumped into.

She looked at the person she bumped into, and it was Dan again. They gritted their teeth at each other and she stood up, standing in Dan's supposed place in the line.

"Unfair!" Dan bellowed, earning the other students' glances. Avi stayed emotionless, as her friends gasped. "Do you know who I am, idiot? I'm-"

Avi slapped his cheek. "I don't care who you are! You've been irritating me for the last few classes even if I never did anything evil to you intentionally!" She yelled. Dan was still angry, but he was startled. No one must've ever said that to him before.

Lila stood up to pull Avi back to their table and offered to buy her lunch for her. Avi agreed, still giving Dan a death glare.

After a few minutes of silence, the students resumed their lunch and Lila returned to the table, and Avi smiled a bit at the cream puffs and a hamburger.

"Avi, I admit, I was impressed, but..." Lila looked at Macy and Dorothy. "He's the school's biggest heartthrob, the bad boy! And-he's every girl's dream!" The three swooned.

Avi almost vomited. She can't believe that a bitter guy like him could steal the girls' hearts. Well, he did look good to Avi, but she still hates him.

"OMG! Club Activities! What club will you join, gals?" Dorothy piped up.
"Library club!" Macy exclaimed. "And Mathletes," she added.
"Cheerleading tryouts first, then I'll join the art club!" Lila said. Avi and Lila both loved arts.
"Sports club and basketball tryouts for girls!" Dorothy said, flipping her dyed purple hair confidently.

"Uh..." Avi thought. "Arts and poetry." She made up her mind immediately.

"We're all finished eating, so let's just join our clubs!" Lila said, leading the way to the Club Section.
Avi ignored Dan as he joined the poetry club. Right after she signed up, she headed straight to the arts club and signed up. She met up with the girls. Fortunately, they had the same class, arts. But of course, the arrogant guy was there.

Their kind teacher from junior high too, Ms. Melanie, was teaching arts. She was going to arrange their seats, while Avi could only hope for the best.

"Avigayle, sit between Lila and Danton. Danton, stay at her right side. Macy, sit in front of Danton, Dorothy, sit behind Lila." Ms. Melanie called out. Avi stared in disbelief. She can't believe her bad luck, on the first day of school!

She sighed and slumped in her chair. This is gonna be a long day.
She finished her last subject with Lila, and thankfully the subjects after arts didn't include Dan.

As they walked to their lockers, she spotted the hooded guy nearing the locker in between them. Avi spun around to hurry outside the door, just to avoid Dan's rude remarks.

Just as she was going to slip outside the school, someone yelled, "Hey idiot! Aren't we gonna finish the homeroom project?" She recognized the voice; Danton Dominic.

She spun around to see him. "My address is Block 14, Harriet Street, near the park." She said briefly, but he kept following her to Lila's car. She spun around again.

"What is your problem?" She nearly shouted, clearly irritated. Dan seemed to enjoy it.

"Well, gonna go to your house." He said, as he got inside Lila's car with her.

"Shoot!" Avi hissed, facepalming. "I shouldn't have met him in the first place!"

Is this chapter really lengthy? Sorry then. My imagination just went wild. So...let's just hope this story could continue. :D

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