Let's Make a Deal (Original Group Story)

Unseeable to humans, a magical world of light beings live before them, struggling to maintain their lives as a terrible darkness swoops over them, leaving them lifeless. When all is thought to be at its end, one of the light beings remembers their one last chance; a pure-hearted human girl. She could save their kind. The only catch; they would have to trust a group of desire-hungry teenagers to guide the girl to their world.

Chapter 1


by: Grunge
At the end of a long stone corridor sat a large, dark figure in a throne of ore. His face displayed a cold grief that would repel most others, but not his kind as they acted alike.

Suddenly, a slimmer more slight figure emerged into the room, somewhat scurrying down the long hall to the creature on the throne. 

The smaller creature bowed, touching his angular grey face to the cold floor and shivering from what he would have to say to his ruler.

He cleared his throat as he rose, and looked up to his King who sat on the throne before him.

"What news do you bring me, Wisp?" the King asked, straightning himself upward, becoming even larger.

Wisp, the smaller creature, enclosed his skinny hands into frustated fists. "Sire, I'm afraid that there may not be any more hope for us," he began bravely, swallowing his sadness as he spoke, "The light is gone, and we are bound to be consumed by the darkness."

The King slumped, using his massive hands to cup his face in dispair. "That's it then? Are you telling me that I shall accept the deaths of my people and myself!?" he growled from under his palms, "Are you saying I'm going to have to watch my entire civilization, my entire world die in the hands of evil!?"

Wisp paused, then spoke shakily. "Actually, there's one last thing we could do..."

The King lifted his head, meeting his bloodshot eyes to the other's amber ones. 

"You've forgotten about the girl, haven't you?" Wisp began, "I can't believe you'd ever forget..."

"I remember, Wisp." said the King, "But how could we ever escort her to our world while we need everyone here to protect ourselves as this war proceeds?"

"No need to worry, I'll take care of it."

And with that Wisp left the corridor with a new hope brimming deep inside his soul along with the King's. 

But there's always a catch, and Wisp was aware of that. He would have to be couragous and faithful enough to trust the humans...

But not just any humans, humans whose desires control them. It was a gamble.

Wisp would be risking the death of his world the moment after he put his last hope in the hands of a group of dream-sick humans.

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