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well i am reading an urdu romantic novel ( urdu is my language ) It's name is Karakoram ka Taj Mahal ( karakoram is mountain, and taj mahal is a monumental castle, but it is located somewhere else. So as per translation: The Taj Mahal of Karakoram) I just came across a very heart touching song, well i know you guys wouldnt really feel it as much as i did because you dont know it's background and all the story, but still i thought to upload it. Song is translated below.

Chapter 1

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal; a song from this novel

The story is about a turkish man who is an engineer and a pakistani girl who is a doctor, but both are climbers who went to climb The Rakaposhi mountain. but it was tooooooooo dangerous over there, the weather was life-taking. The escape was impossible. The man was seriously injured, and the girl alone couldnt take both of them down 6000 meters in such a bad weather. Both of them had fallen in love with each other. Deep, strong true love. But this love was difficult. Both of them had horrible pasts, and a bad present. Both of them had same dreams, both of them had to find true love. The man thought he would find a fairy on karakoram mountains, and the girl thought her true love, her prince would come on a white horse for her, who would climb rakaposhi mountain for her. ( the man first met her on a white horse ) But the girl had given up her dream long ago, when her mom died and her father engaged her with his nephew who was really selfish. The man was married since 4 years, his wife was really selfish, he gave up his dreams too, but then his wife died and he started to look for his dream fairy. When both of them found each other, the only problem was that: Girl was about to get married in three months, and all the preparations were done, and there was nothing she could do to break her marriage.
So both of them were stuck on rakaposhi mountain, near to death, no hope. At that time the girl said to the boy that when the snow will melt over here, and will flow through Niger, the walls of this cave, the birds over here will tell the tourists about their unfinished love story. And both of them made some promises over there. And that's how the song originated:

In Urdu:

Zindagi k safr mei bicharny se pehly
milan ki akhri shaam k dhalny se pehly
aik doosry ki saanson aur
dharkano ki aakhri awaz sunne se pehly
k jis k baad tum meri dunya se door chaley jaogy
tumhein mujh sy
aik wada krna ho ga
k jab bhi sooraj taloo ho ga
aur sawat ki wadyon mei roshni, barish k qatron ki tarhan girey gi
aur karakoram k jaamni paharon par jami barf pighley gi
aur phir jab is barf mei dabi daastan, nigr k darmyan mei beh jaegi
tab tumhein mujh se aik wada nibhana ho ga
k is raat k baad apni zindagi mei any wali
har subah ki thandi hawa
aur har barish k baad geeli mitti
aur jaamni paharon pr doodh ki si jami barf ko dekh kr
tum mujhy yaad karna
k ye mera tum par
aur tumhara mujh par
qarz hai

translated in English

Before we separate in the voyage of life
before the evening of our meeting is over
before we hear the last sound of each other's breath and heart beats
that after it you'll go far from my world
you'll have to make a promise with me
that when the sun will rise
and when the sun will shine on the Sawat valley like rain drops
and when the snow will melt on the purple mountains of karakoram
and when the hidden story inside this snow will flow through Niger
at that time you'll have to keep your promise
that after this night, when you'll see every upcoming morning's cool breeze
and wet sand after every rain
and milk like snow on purple mountains
you'll think about me
that this is mine on you
and yours on me;
a loan

The feelings are explained very well in this novel, they make the reader totally dissolved in them. In my opinion, the writer writes sad feelings more perfectly, because it is the first novel on which I was teary eyed. Some people had remarked that this novel is just a time pass, but I have found lessons in it too. Writer has given a sketch of our society, she has shown the love of a father and a daughter, and she has shown how two people fight for what's right for them, for their fate. The love writer has written is totally clean, it's like that nobody can object upon, yet it's a romantic novel. Although, with all of her other novels, I love this novel too!


The Rakaposhi mountain is a mountain of karakoram mountains. The natives call this mountain the Taj Mahal of Karakoram. Rakaposhi itself means The shinning wall, and it is also called Dumani: the mother of mist.
The guy used to say to the girl that he will wait for his fairy on the Taj Mahal of Karakoram. and girl used to say that she walked two days to reach Taj Mahal of Karakoram to see her prince.
Taj Mahal itself is a very gorgeous monumental castle, made in the name of love. You can look it up at google.
Now due to acid rains, taj mahal is loosing its beauty.
You might also know Mount Godwen-Austin, or K2 , it is in Pakistan, the second highest peak of world, and it is also a mountain of Karakoram.


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