Back to School

Chapter 1

Goodbye again (forever?)

Today is August first 2014
in two weeks I move to a new city and start college and dorm life
I'm sure many of you can guess what I am about to say, I will not be on near as often if at all.
My previous post "Auxilium Dolor" gave you a way to contact me, I highly suggest you use it if your intention is to reach me.
The goodbye isnt like the others, where I would log in every so often, this is college, I'm going to one of the best engineering schools in the country and triple majoring, I will have no time for quibblo and as it is college I will not stop for the summer... this is goodbye for at least 10 years, aside from the occasional (like once in a blue moon) log in.
It's been fun, quibblo, my only regret is that I never got featured member, even being here nearly 4 years


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