Evie Sanders is living in a dystopia, where people have to fight nature, find food, fight people for resources, and betray their family, friends, or allies just to find better resources, fifteen years after a war against the governments started, and ended with chaos. Without the anyone controlling the people, they started to get chaotic.
But they felt free, calling their main village Freeworld.

Evie thought of them as monsters.

Chapter 1

Part I

Evie trekked through the green jungle, the tall trees shielding her from the blinding sunlight. She turned around to see if there were attackers; there were none.

She continued to walk onwards, desperately hoping to find a water source of some sort. Sure, she had enough food to last for a day, but she needed water. She was far away from the villages, where the cunning, desperate people lived. No; she'd rather trek through jungles than to betray or be betrayed.

She heard a deafening gunshot. She was startled; guns were indeed rare ever since the Great War. She turned around and pulled out her sword, just as she sees a bullet fired deeply on the birch tree's trunk a centimeter beside her.

A string of gunshots came one by one, and Evie had to duck and roll over constantly to avoid the bullets being fired at her. She remembered her survival training before, when the war just ended and the Freeworld era just started.

She jumped into a crouching position and got out her spear. By the direction of the bullets, she knows that the attacker must be from the path to the main village. She climbed the birch tree and spotted her masked attacker instantly. She threw the spear at her enemy with intense accuracy, and she was safe once again.

She looked for a place to sleep in before she'd continue journeying to find water and limitless resources. Fortunately, she saw a little cave, free of pests or attackers. She built a tall gate using stones she collected.

She laid down her heavy, rugged backpack and lied down on the uncomfortable rock surface of the cave, trying to forget her village. But she gave up and memories came flooding in her mind.

The land had three villages containing the remaining humans that survived the Great War. The first village was Freeworld, where everyone was free to kill, betray, hunt, or fight. It was chaotic, yet it had many humans who had many resources. They protected their resources and were ready to form allies, betray them, then kill them to take their resources.

For them, it was a part of survival.

The second village was Dixon. They were the only village with a slightly civilized system. They had only one ruler that must be a man. He had to have a wife and as many children as he wants. He must abandon his female children and keep only his male children. The females would join the poorer half of Dixon, the Morrisons. The males would remain in the richer, more royal half, the Smithsons.

Then when the ruler dies, one of the males will be chosen as ruler. The rest would be only part of the Smithsons. No Smithson was allowed to talk,touch, or see a Morrison. Same was with the other half, except for the ruler. The ruler would soon pick a wife from the Morrisons, but when the wife would stop giving birth, she would be executed.

The Morrisons had to depend on themselves for survival, while the Smithsons had all the riches to themselves.

It was the village of inequality and discrimination.

The third village was Levy. It was a village of the rebels. They did not want the Freeworld citizens' uncivilized system. They rebel against the rebels.

This village was the real Freeworld.

They talked about their opinions and decisions and what they feel must happen. They were the only village who used technology. A council of four people vote for the ten best opinions about a certain debating topic they give online. The remaining opinions that weren't part of the top ten were deleted, and the person or persons who supported the opinion would be hunted down and killed.

Same for the choosing of the council. When one dies, or they all die, people would vote for the top four people they know are in favor of choosing as part of the council. The rest of the candidates that didn't win would be tortured for a day then released. It would be a time of killing and betraying at this stage, just to win.

Then if only one or two or three died, the rest of the council would be executed by the people and be replaced by the winners.

Evie remembered her own family.

Her mother was a Morrison from Dixon, her father was a Levy, and she was born in Freeworld with her younger siblings, Hubert and Sandie. But her parents were killed along with Hubert, while Sandie committed suicide.

Evie was crying. She wished the people weren't sick in the head. She wished they'd realize what damage they did to people.

They were selfish. Cruel. Inhuman. Sick. Foolish. Childish. Greedy.

They were killing the rest of the human race. Can't they see that? Can't they have a conscience? Can't they feel guilty? Can't they just share and be peaceful? Can't they take pity on the people who lost their loved ones because of their foolishness?

Evie knew no one would listen to her, even if she was a Levy. No one cared. Everyone were out of their minds. They turned into psychopaths. Killers. Guiltless animals.

Where were their emotions? Feelings? Conscience?

It seemed to Evie that only ego remained in the world she was currently living in.



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