Anna's Character Book

So I really want to keep track of my character profiles for all of my group stories without having to visit the character info page every time. I'll probably also put available characters here.
No need to read, just if you want more details about my characters and for my convenience.

Chapter 1

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: (Table of Contents)

Chapter 2: (Lilly Chase)
Chapter 3: (Tilek Aesthyr)
Chapter 4: (Runagan Sed)
Chapter 5: (Sapphire Ice)
Chapter 6: (Cheria Blackwood)
Chapter 7: (Callista Aurelius)
Chapter 8: (Aramis Kure)
Chapter 9: (Karen Blackwood)
Chapter 10: (Sterling Allen)
Chapter 11: (Maria Carey)
Chapter 12: (Sue-lynn Castle)
Chapter 13: (Annie Hunter)
Chapter 14: (Ellie Rogers)
Chapter 15: (Lillian Faith)
Chapter 16: (John Martinez)
Chapter 17: (Duckling Siford)
Chapter 18: (Maine Lushin)
Chapter 19: (Amy Evelyn Taylors)
Chapter 20: (Farsa Machibi)
Chapter 24: (Cleo Nevaeh Walker)
Chapter 32: (Freya Leppanen)
Chapter 33: (Alison Dva Labyrinth)
Chapter 36: (Nika Lavrenty)

Chapter 21: (Zero/Hailey Clearponde)
Chapter 22: (Mischa Avery)
Chapter 23: (Tessa Morgan)
Chapter 25: (Hannah/Camila Evans)
Chapter 26: (Helena Parks)
Chapter 27: (Makayla/Victoria Martin)

Single-Author Stories/Full Lists
Chapter 29: (Bridge Creek Academy)

Chapter 28: (Jade Green)
Chapter 30: (Erin Walker)
Chapter 31: (Bianca Flores)
Chapter 34: (Liti Wander)
Chapter 35: (Eun Seo)
Chapter 37: (Fauna Alden)
Chapter 38: (Amber Cressley)

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