I'M BACK!!!!! (for a while, anyways)

Sorry I haven't been on a ton :( Camp.....

Chapter 1

I'll Miss You!!!!!!

I have not been on Quibblo a ton in the past week or so, and first, I'd like to say sorry, mainly to the people I've been sorta-messaging. I've had camp and I've been exhausted when I get home, lol. But camp was really fun :) and I'm actually sad its over...

Now on to the more important stuff....

I'm going to be at a different camp, a sleepaway camp, for the next two weeks. It's got a no-electronics rule, so I won't be on Quibblo at all. I apologize to anyone who wanted to continue readin my story, it won't be updated for a while.... Yeah... Lol

Directly after that (I actually have to leave a day early from camp, haha), I'm going to Disney World with my family for a week. I might bring my laptop, but you know. It's Disney and how often will I be sitting in my room on a computer? So I won't be on much then either....

And then, I have another camp for two weeks. This one I've been to before, and I know it's triing, so I may be on occasionally then, but its doubtful.... And the week after that, school starts.

So I won't be on for a reeeeeeeally long time, haha, so sorry and I'll miss you guys!! :)

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