Im in love! Should I ask?

I need help!! its gotten to the point where im putting this online!! Dear quibblonians!!! help me!! :(

Chapter 1

Should I ask Him???

Ive been in love with my freind john for 2 yrs. Weve came closer and closer over the past 6 months. and we flirt alot and talk alot. but theres parts were im ify about him liking me. i hav no clue his feelings for me but i no his feelings for another girl. and me being the over caring person i am, i give him all this advice how to get her and everything. which makes its very very hard on me. So back to the real point. I have this rule. That i never ask a guy out. and i havent. and ive never second guessed me asking a guy out b4. but now i hav becuase im head over heels for this guy. I know hes worth it but i dont no if i could do it. im scared of him rejecting me and us falling apart again. and i dont want that to happen. OF corse there more to this story so if u want that story, tell me and i just might post it 4 ya. but for now, i need help. Please i need advice. Fast.


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