This was probably a really weird take on this. Eh.
Hope you enjoyed!

281 words

Chapter 1

by: Marfabu

An odd term given to people who seem to spend as little time as possible away from the mirror, distancing themselves from the hatred that courses through their veins every time they see the person on the other side.

Haley is not perfect.

She does not spend her time calling herself by such petty things, calling herself by a title that doesn't apply to her. She's plain, lost in a crowd that swallows her whole by the people who pass her by and never give her a second glance. Imperfect among a crowd of people who seem to pride themselves on their perfections instead of their flaws.

The girl next to her has flawless hair and softened features that stand out with just enough makeup. The boy before her, riding a bicycle of sorts, looks nice in his blue shirt that seems well-worn.

Different characters. Wonderful perfections.

Maybe it's just in the eye of the beholder; to each his own about the standards we set for the perfections we've been handed. We all hold separate standards, the only one's who we need to meet being our own.

Haley knows that not everybody needs to be perfect. If everyone reaches for the stars, then who's left on earth striving for their separate constellations of dreams?

She doesn't need people standing next to her to tell her that she's worth all of the love she's received. She doesn't need friends who tell her that they'll always be there for her and then leave her behind. She doesn't need to meet anyone else's standards besides her own.

The only idea of perfect she needs to meet is the one she's built for herself.


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