You Know You're A Hufflepuff When...

A short story for Emily ^^ I hope you love it!

Chapter 1

A Slytherpuff Love Story ^^

I was walking down the hall, tired as ever. I thought that Potions, certainly my worst class, was never going to end. And now I get to go back to the dorm, and relive the nightmare will a healthy helping of homework. Try saying that ten times fast.

So I was more than ready to take a nap. Or talk to someone. I just didn't want to think about schoolwork, or the nasty Quidditch practice we had yesterday. Hufflepuff has already lost one match to Gryffindor, and Michael would never forgive us if we loose the next one to Slytherin. Even though they are pretty talented.

Right before I turned to walk towards the Hufflepuff dorms, I heard a voice behind me. "MacKenna! Kenna!" I didn't recognize the voice. And unless it was Mae, who I can always talk to, or Michael, who I have to talk to, I didn't feel like talking much. I turned to be face-to-face with someone I didn't expect to see. Phoenix Charleston.

"Umm. Can I help you?" We had only talked a couple of times, as he sat next to me in Charms. But, I didn't really know him that well. And I am absolutely not in the mood for a Slytherin taunting. I may be a pure-blood, but I will never be like them. Ever.

"Would you mind to take a walk with me, maybe down to the Quidditch pitch?"


"Great!" He smiled and walked back towards the doors. Am I missing something? Is he leading me there to hurt me in some way? Is this a trick?

"So how have you been? Quidditch going good?"

"Yeah. I've been pretty good. Just living life at Hogwarts, and you?" We continued to make small talk until we arrived at the Quidditch pitch, at which point I still had no idea why we were here. Walking with him wasn't that bad though.

"So, Kenna. To the point. Ever since we were sorted, I've wished I could get to know you better?" Why would a Slytherin like him wonder about a plain Hufflepuff girl?

"You just seem so amazing. You are the best Beater I have ever seen. Ever time we talk, you make me laugh. And you have the prettiest green eyes."

"Um. Thanks, Phoenix. That's really kind of you to say." I didn't want to tell him, but the truth is, I had never really been curious about him, or attracted to him. He was just that pretty cute dude who sat next to me in Charms. Plus, I sort of liked someone else. Though I don't think I'll ever have the courage to talk to Neville...

"MacKenna, I know we don't know each other all that well. But I have never felt the way I feel around you. Would you consider getting to know me a little bit better?"

"Of course. I am always willing to get to know someone better. You seem really cool." I swallowed and looked the other way. This was just awkward. A Slytherin showing his vulnerable side? I just keep waiting for someone to come and drop a bucket of Bubotuber Pus on me or something.

"Kenna, I have to know. Does any part of you like me too?"

"Well, Phoenix. Umm. I sort of. Um. Like someone else?"

"Oh. I see." he turned around to where I couldn't see him. "I completely understand." He paused for a minute, but eventually turned back around. For a split second, I noticed a red line, dripping from his deep brown eyes.

"Is that a t- a tear streak?" I stuttered, amazed. Slytherin's don't cry, right?

"No!" But another one dripped down before he finished the word. My first instinct was to hug him, which I did without another thought,

"Phoenix! It's going to be alright. You barely know me. There are way more Slytherin girls suited to your tastes out there."

"Why are you so concerned about houses? Maybe its just me, but Pug-Face Pansy and Millicent the Bull don't exactly strike my fancy." I couldn't help but laugh. A smile fought through the rest of the tears in Phoenix's eyes.

Just as I was about to tell him Neville may not matter, a voice I didn't want to hear boomed around the field. "Phoenix? Is that you? What are you doing with Marshmallow Mac?" Draco Malfoy. If you're wondering, I think its a pale joke. Though it may be a fat joke. Or both. I never bothered to ask.

The situation was worse when Phoenix turned around, and was staring directly at the entire Slytherin Quidditch team, Malfoy in the lead. "Are you CRYING?" Malfoy burst into laughter so hard, I thought he might cry himself. "What'd you do?" Laughter brake. "Get rejected by Marshmallow there?

Phoenix looked stunned. He froze. I couldn't let this happen. It was my fault he was crying. The Hufflepuff in me was tugging at my heartstrings.

"Of course a Slytherin jerk like him isn't crying! Gosh! You think you know a guy. But I learned my damn lesson. Never EVER trust a Slytherin boy."

Malfoy starting laughing again, so I took the opportunity to whisper in Phoenix's ear. "I'll see you in charms." I took off running towards the building, trying my best to look distressed.

"She cry?" Malfoy asked him.

"Just a little." Phoenix croaked. Maybe he isn't so bad after all.

Just to put this out there, here is the reason behind the story-

Emily really wanted someone to make one, and it sounded like a great idea! So there we go! I hope you loved it, Emily!


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