World War III ~ An Original Story

This is an original story.... Ummm....... It's not very good.... I'll try to continue updating it, but as I'm sure plenty of people know by now, I'm quite bad with commitment -_- I'll title my chapters sometimes, but for the most part, it'll probably be "Chapter 1" "Chapter 2" etc, etc. I'm not that creative.... Same with the title. If anyone's got title ideas, I'd be glad to have them.... I'll try to come up with a better one... This one's pretty basic, lol

Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

When the sirens started, I was at my little brother’s concert. It was his trumpet recital, the last one of the summer. I was excited, I was wearing a new dress and my best friend, Jenna, and I would be going to a party after. A boys and girls party. It would be my first one, and Jenna had promised that the love of my life, Benjamin Chaucer, would be there. My parents were allowing me to go as long as I sat through Owen’s performance. I had resigned myself to listen. It was only an hour, after all. And the hour was almost over. One more song. Then Jenna and I would be able to flirt and party to our heart’s content. But that was ruined when the blaring and beeping started.

The War had started ten years before I was born, but we had given up five years into it. No one would have ever guessed that America would surrender. At least, not before the War. Now, our country was controlled by some European superpower that no one bothered to identify properly anymore. Something obscure, Andorra, maybe? When America had submitted, we had been warned of ‘raids’. Sometimes, bombs would be dropped on random towns, supposedly to test the formula being used. In the past twenty years, our town had been bombed once. We were considered lucky though. Some places, like New York City were bombed on a monthly basis. Our town was so small, we weren't noticed. The last time the sirens had gone off was when I was two. And even then, it was a small one compared to others. We had completed all the repairs by the time I was ten. But, America was lucky. Some countries were still fighting, like England and China. And some were being dealt with very harshly compared to us. In Egypt, all able-bodied boys over sixteen were sent to the military until they turned sixty. The women, children, and the elderly lived in concentration camps. We were lucky enough to live normal lives still. We could still go to things like trumpet recitals and parties…

It was almost Owen’s solo. My dad had the camera out and my mom was on the edge of her seat. Then came the sirens.

The entire theater erupted into pandemonium. For a minute, I saw disappointment wash over my brother’s face, but it quickly turned to fear. All around me, people were screaming and running through the aisles. I turned to my parents, but they were gone. My breath started to come faster now, as I realized exactly what the alarms meant. We were being bombed. I thought about running around like everyone else, but quickly ruled it out. I looked around, and noticed that everyone was trying to get to the doors at the bottom of the theater, forgetting about the ones at the top completely. I jumped over seats and people, survival instinct taking over. I raced towards the doors and burst out. I breathed in a gulp of fresh air to try to calm myself down. I quickly flipped my hair into a ponytail and began to run. I sprinted across the parking lot towards my house. It wasn't the smartest course of action, but I ran anyways. I was on the track team on my school, and I usually outran everyone. I easily overtook the scared people running besides me when I saw the first one.

It was a soldier. With a machine gun. And he was firing it at the citizens of my town. For a minute, I actually stopped in surprise. I was expecting a bomb. I could mentally deal with a bomb, but machine guns? That was inhumane. They were actually just shooting us down. I couldn't believe it. Then I came to my senses. I burst towards the nearest house, hoping desperately that it was unlocked. It wasn't. I felt a growing sense of panic, my stomach clenching into a tight knot. I ran towards the next house, but it was also locked. Fear filled my mind, and I looked down the street. The door to the little green house on the corner was wide open. Without pausing to wonder why, I hurtled towards it.

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