Writing Help/Character Critque (Need questions and characters to critque)

Chapter 3

Volume 2

From amani727
What do you think is the best way to integrate description without it feeling awkward or out of place?

I don't think there's a way to actually make description sound awkward in my opinion. I'll take an example from a story I just recently wrote:
"I heard him announce along with feet scurrying across the floor. The door opened as the girl walked in. She was way more attractive than I imagined. The girl had a petite figure. Her caramel hazel eyes had slight sparkle in them, like she had been trying not to cry. She had wavy auburn brown hair that perfectly framed her innocent face. The look in her eyes was very gentle as she pouted and blushed, embarrassed."

All you need is small transition into the description. I usually start with a brief overview of the person, then get specific.

How do you give a story an interesting title when the title doesn't just come to you?

First, think about some other books and think about title and what it has to do with everything.

Do you think a good title would be associated with the MC like Harry Potter or The Book Thief?

Would a good title be associated with the setting like Vampire Academy?

It can be associated with a important event like The Hunger Games?

A simple word could make a good title like Twilight or Divergent?

Finish your story first then think about every fact of your story. In my opinion, it's better to think of a title at the end.

What is the best way to add depth to side characters?

I like to think characters are like a video game. There's the main quests and the side quests and stupid things you do and get nothing for it.

I'm gonna use a video game that I know as an example: Zelda: Majora's Mask. The main point of the game is to stop the moon from falling on Termina and to get the Majora's Mask back. The side quests make the main quest easier to complete.

What I'm trying to say is add an importance to your character. I can't really figure one out for you because it's not my story. The side characters need to either make the conflict worse or better and that's for you to decide.

How do you determine a good balance between sensory language, thoughts, action, etc.?

This really is your opinion. You can decide which elements you want to be portrayed more. It's obviously more common to have action played more through out a story because action runs the plot. Sensory language is important when wanting to describe an important event. Thoughts give you details of feeling and lets you know a little more about the character.

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