Writing Help/Character Critque (Need questions and characters to critque)

Chapter 2

Volume 1

From chicaliengirl

I have a question about where and how often to put 'saids'. Like, "Whatever." He said.

I actually asked an actual author this question before and he said that publishers/editors like when you use said and JUST said. Said shouldn't be used too often though. The author said it's a better idea to do something like this:

Jason rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "Whatever,"

It's still good to put the occasional: "No!" he yelled or "Hurray!" she exclaimed

From ItsInMyDNA

How many characters is "too many"?

It really all depends on you. You just have to have each character add something to the story. They can't just say hello to you're MC. I once asked myself this and I found this website that helped me figure out how if I have to many characters


Again, it all depends if you pay attention to each and every character. I definitely suggest you do that activity on the website though.

From Ikblack3

Do you think it'd be better if I added something else as a prologue (Ex: Introducing the characters, describing the setting, like you said.) and moving the other chapters for later? (talking about http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/juUBe_e/The-Guardians (this story))

I usually say no to prologue because they can somewhat be useless but in this situation, I think it's a good idea. What I would do is simply explain your MC's life and her feelings and opinions about important things. But as your chapter one, I would also do another introduction. Not only does it help the readers understand but it helps you get to know your character better. The chapter you wrote, I think should be chapter 2.

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