MELTED ~ An Alternate-Universe Version of Frozen

MELTED ~ An Alternate-Universe Version of Frozen

Just like in the movie, everything is back to normal. But as winter comes, something is wrong. Elsa's powers switch to fire. It starts to get too hot. Will it ever stop? (If you have not seen the movie, I recommend you see this before you read. Contains spoiler alerts.)

Chapter 1

She'll never know.

The early signs of winter are starting to show. Birds are migrating, the crisp morning air is starting to chill, and snow falls lightly in all of Arendelle. Elsa, who had once froze the whole region back in the summer, recieved flashbacks when she had lost control of her powers.
"Elsa! Elsa? Are you awake yet?," shouts a familiar voice.
Elsa blinks, blinked twice before she felt fully awake, replies with a faint yes before she jumped out of her bedroom, shared with Anna once again. Gray morning light streams from the halfway open window, sending in a slight breeze. Winter again, Elsa thought. She runs downstairs, breathing in the fresh smell of breakfast prepared by the maid. Elsa was greeted by her sister and her soon to be brother-in-law, Kristoff.
"Guess what, Elsa? Guess what?!," Anna says excitedly, jumping.
"I told you, we will tell her at the right time," Kristoff reminds Anna.
"Right, right..."
Elsa sits down along with her sister and Kristoff, thinking about something. Something weird. It felt like a vision. She ignored it, picking up her fork, but knowing that something bad is about to happen to Arendelle once again.
And this time, she thought. It could be my fault.

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