An interview with Lennon, McCartney and Me!

If you have any questions for the Dynamic Duo of Lennon and McCartney, leave them in the comments! And they will kindly answer, won't you fellas?


Chapter 1


1. Name -
Me: Hi! I'm Lacey!
Lennon: I'm John Lennon.
McCartney: Hello love, I'm Paul McCartney. :)

2. Nickname(s) -
Me: Well, I get called Lace by these two goobers, but George calls me Sweetie.
Lennon: I'm not a goober, eh! I get called Johnny-Boy.
McCartney: The lads call me Paulie.

3. Birthday-
Me: 10th July.
Lennon: October 9th.
McCartney: 18th of June.

4. That makes you -
Me: I'm fourteen!
Lennon: I'd be seventy-three, but I don't care. (Reincarnated to 24!)
McCartney: I'm seventy-two. (Age reversed to 22!)

5. Where were you born -
Me: North Shore Hospital, Auckland
Lennon: Some hospital somewhere...
McCartney: I can't remember. It was so long ago...

6. Location right now -
Me: The lads are over at my house. We're chillin' in my room.
Lennon: I'm sitting on Lacey's bed. It's comfy.
McCartney: Ditto. Lacey, get off of my lap, please.

7. Shoe size -
Me: 7, I think...
Lennon: Bigger than Lacey.
McCartney: Smaller than John's lanky feet.

8. How many piercings? -
Me: Two. One in each ear.
Lennon: Uh... piercings are for chicks!
McCartney: For once I agree with Lennon.

9. Tattoos?:
Me: Ewww, no!
Lennon: Only if it says ''Yoko''.
McCartney: Dude, you're sad. And no, I don't have any tattoos.

10. When you wake up you're -
Me: Tired, because I stayed up too late.
Lennon: Bothered because George ate all the cornflakes! >:(
McCartney: Annoyed because I have a song idea that's ''not working!!''

11. When you're about to sleep you're -
Me: Annoyed because I DON'T WANNA SLEEP!!!
Lennon: ''ZZZZZZZ''
McCartney: Bothered because I know John's gonna snore all night.

12. Zodiac sign -
Me: Cancer, but I ain't crabby.
Lennon: What's it to you, punk?
McCartney: Leo. Only appropriate cos I have gorgeous hair!

13. Chinese sign -
Me: Dragon.
Lennon: Ditto.
McCartney: Horse.

14. Righty or Lefty -
Me: Lefty and I'm proud!
Lennon: Being left-handed isn't all that great.
McCartney: Yes it is. You're just jealous.

15. Innie or Outie -
Me: Innie. -_-
Lennon: How about I show you more than my belly button.
McCartney: Please John, there's young children here. Uh... looks innie.

16. School -
Me: I'm homeschooled!
Lennon: I'm enrolled in John's School of Fab! ;-D
McCartney: Mmmph... I've been out of school for a while now, so...

More interviews coming soon!

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