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Chapter 1


Naïve and out of luck
a girl lies there awake in her bed
thinking about how everyone is beautiful
while blame tortures her head.

Insecure and all alone
she thinks about everything she's done wrong
from staying up too late to lying to herself
when she promised that she could be strong.

Disappointed and filled with self hate
she believes that she is becoming a failure
for even her heart is leaving her
while voices tell her that she is the traitor.

Tired and lost in a darkness
this girl can't seem to find the light
and she's tried and tried to stay positive
but hope is becoming thin and so is her lack of fight.

She's ready to give up
and she's ready to kneel before her monster
so the girl writing this realizes that she needs help
but it's far too late now because she's already a goner.


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