A book of poems. -UPDATED-

A book of poems. -UPDATED-

This kind of is about an experience and an emotion thats just slapped me in my face. Please comment if you like it and rate.

Chapter 1

You'll never know...

You'll never know.

You'll never know, how much you're on my mind,
Once upon a time, I was really there,
dosen't it seem so surreal now?
I wish I could see you again,
you and your blue eyes,
I see you all the time, but I pretend I don't.

You'll never know, that I play those memories, over and over again,
Sometimes I can't get them outta my head,
What happened there?
That day. Nobody will ever know,
No way.

You'll never know, how hard my heart aches for you,
You'll never understand, how I feel about you,
You'll never realise, how hard I fell for you.

I'm wishing and hoping,
You'll never know, that I'm dyeing to see you,
the pretty one that I lost 5 years ago,
you'll never know that your names engraved on me,
I think about you wherever i go.

But no, you'll never know.

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