My wonderful Friends I love you all!

i never really thought i would be uploading this. But here it is, list of my wonderful friends and how much i love them! ♥ mauh all my friends!
if you wanna find these people, just check my top list of friends.
At first, i was sad on quibblo, trying to get friends, but got none. People would message me and then forget me, some would not give importance,I felt lonely, but now, i'm feeling complete, coz i've got friends. and most wonderful ones. really, friends make your life.

Chapter 1

you guys great, yeah, i'm serious!

EmmaGranger : Girl, no other words, I LOVE YOU, simply! On quibblo, you're the closest to me! We share a lot of our secrets, and i wish our friendship never end. You are the only country mate i have over here, and your personality is great, You are a strong and such mature girl, quite independent and really gorgeous! Your company is awesome! You are fantabulous!

Natepowers08 : My handsome night fury!!! Boy, you're wonderful! I'm greatly impressed by you, and attracted too. Never had i wanted strongly to be someone's close friend on quibblo, till now. You are funny, nice and heart winning guy! No wonder a lot of people adore you! i wish our friendship last forever. I dont know how to tell, but really i like you a lot!!! Actually, i love you as a friend! ♥

Green_Girl2: Babe, you're words touch me a lot! I love your profiles! they're always great, seriously! Our personalities match to some extent! You are a nice, great friend . The lovely demon you are, and i LOVE YOU!!!

moronator : we've been chatting since a while, now there are gaps in our chats. But it never matters, coz distance can't break true friendships! ^_^ You are a nice friend. Btw, i love you poems. and i would advice others to read them too!

NeverForget : It's great to know that you remembered me, i did too, but i never messaged you before because i thought i might be disturbing or you might have forgotten me. But girl, you are great. You are a sweet honey pie! You always say good things about me, and trust me with you secrets, and it warms my heart!

evybye77 : We had started chatting long time ago, then stopped, and now we have started again, and i wanna say, you are fantastic friend. I wish our messaging doesnt stop again, coz i love chatting with you. You are so pretty, and such a cheerful cool dudette ! muah!

LuluXD : Man are you a cutie pie! You're one of those people whom i love most. Just give me a chance to hug you tightly, and i will! hug you , I love your username: lulu. so cute!

HayleyFlynn_Rawr : We dont chat, nor did we have any contact, but i love you still! Firstly, you're beautiful! One of the most beautiful people on quibblo. You've got a lovely heart, a lovely personality, no doubt almost whole quibblo loves you! Your words for me touches my heart. I would love to start chatting with you! Keep up your loving work! ♥

ThePrincessOfPiano : You were my first ever muslim friend on quibblo, so you've got a great significance in my heart. We used to chat A LOT before, now we dont, but as i said before, distance doesnt break friendships. You are pretty too! I remember how you, me, TheUnknownuser, and angel52 used to chat together on othuna, i miss those chats!

And i wanna say, i havent forgotten you too, angel52 and TheUnknownuser!!!! You guys are great too!

note: most of these users have trusted me with some of their secrets, and i'm proud of it that they have trusted me! LOVE YOU ALL!



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