The Fault In Our Prophecy.....(5SOS Group Story)

A Group Story by: (THANKS FOR THE TITLE!)

Chapter 1

Ch.1 Danielle Bella Marano

3 Years Earlier

"Wow, we have officially graduated, and we celebrating it with hike? A trip? No, that's so lame, but a hike is just perfect," sarcasm flowed out of Kameron's mouth. She wanted us to celebrate together by taking a trip to London or Paris, but she was out voted. Grace, Evalynn, and I simply wanted us to take the hike we always did when we started a new school year. We wanted to end it, like we started it. "And why did we blew out free tickets to either London or Paris? Oh, simply because you three wanted to take the hike we always take."

"Kam, calm down," giggled Evalynn, "You'll see, by the end of tonight you will be glad we did this instead of a dumb and over-price trip."

"Yes, you just need to stop complaining," I agreed with Evalynn.

"Whatever, can we at least take a different route this time, please! Just to make this a little bit more exciting, and then, I promise, I'll shut up," Kam promised, making us giggle.

Grace, Evalynn, and I looked at each other for a moment, but quickly nodded. Since, we did ruin her plans to travel, we have to make it up to her somehow.

"Okay, good thing I brought a map of the area," Grace spoke, before digging into her backpack. Kameron let out a light squeal, drawing a slight smile onto our lips.

As we parted from our original trail, a weird feeling crept through me. I shook it off, seeing that my head kept telling me it was just my nerves. We continue to walk and followed Grace's directions, while joking around.

"Wow, this trail is longer," spoke Evalynn, when we were all getting a bit tired. She was right, by now, we would have been able to see our destination on the other trail, but not with this one.

"What the hey?" asked Grace starring at her compass, as the skies above us started to turn gray and a strong and strange wind started to pick up.

"What's wrong?" I asked Grace, quickly pulling my wavy brown hair into a ponytail, while, in my mind, damning the weather report, that said it was going to be all sun and clouds. My glasses were going to get dirty for sure, and I hate having to clean them every five seconds.

"My compass is going mad as a hatter," she replied turning the compass towards us, the needle was going crazy, just spinning around. Before any of us could reply, a loud thunder caught us off guard, making us jump and making Grace and I scream a little.

"I thought it was going to be clear skies today," annoyance poured out of Evalynn mouth, as she rolled her eyes.

"We need to find shelter," said Grace, always being the rational one. We all nodded and started looking for some place to stay during the storm. Kameron soon found a cave that seemed vacant, and, being us, we all quickly jumped right in.

"Good thing we found this before it started to rain," I told them as we all got our flashlights out. The cave seemed to go on and on for miles.

"Well, since we are here, who wants to explore this stupid cave?" asked Kameron, directing herself towards the open space.

"Guys, I don't know about this," Grace quickly replied, seeing that Evalynn and I had agreed with Kam.

"Oh, come on, Gracie," spoke Kam, hitting one of Grace's nerves, she hates being called Gracie. "Live a little, and not just behind books. Oh wait, that's Danny girl here."

"Hahaha, very funny, Kam," I quickly replied with no humor what so ever, making her laugh.

"Fine, but if something happens, don't say I didn't warn ya' " replied Grace.

As we walked through the cave, we were fascinated by the writing and drawings in it. They seemed to be telling a story, but the words were in a language we have never seen or heard about. We didn't speak, but simply studied the designs on the wall.

The drawings looked like something out of a comic book, they seemed to represent a superhero of some sorts.

"Hey, where's that light coming from?" asked Kameron, getting our attention. We turned and followed her gaze, there was some sort of green light coming from what seemed like the end of the cave.

"Why don't we go check it out?" asked Evalynn as she continued to walk, we all quickly followed her. At the end a large green rock, more like a diamond, was waiting for us.

"Is this even possible?" I whispered as all of stepped closer to it, and a readjusted my glasses.

Once we were but a touch away from the rock we stopped dead on our tracks, not sure what to do. We looked at each other, than back at the green glowing rock. Something kept telling me to turn away and leave, like I hadn't seen anything, but there was another part of me that loved the danger and adventure this brought.

"Do you think if its safe to touch?" asked Evalynn, which made us look at each other again.

"I'll touch it, if all of touch it. That way, if something happens, I won't be the only dumb one who decided to touch it," replied Kameron, before all three of us nodded. "Okay, on the count of three. One.....Two...Three..-"

We all went in, but soon regretted. I dropped to the floor in pain, screaming out with the rest of the girls. It felt as if my insides were being ripped out of me or just turned around. My heart felt as if I hand went through my chest and started squeezing it with all it's might.

A voice came out of nowhere, delivering a prophecy to us, our prophecy. But, even though we could hear it, it really seemed like we were taking our few breaths. I looked at the girls, and was surprised to see them with glowing green eyes. And that's when it happened, I blacked out.

Present Day

I was zooned out, thinking of that day. We woke up four hours later, in the woods. That day changed our life more than we could have figured it out. We now have powers, and we use those powers for good, you can say.

We protect the world in which we live in, seeing a source of evil came to Earth in search of something. We are known as the Masked Beauties, not original, I know, but the name was given to us.

Even though, we live this extraordinary life, we still want to live of normal one. I, as a part of that, own my own business. It was given to me by my grandfather, actually. It's a bookstore slash music store slash bakery. It combines all of my three favorite things into one. I still wear my glasses, even though, I don't need them. Guess I just want a part of my normal life with me.

But every now and then, our sign will go up and the air and we will go into combat. With our eyes glowing green, and our faced masked we fly to where we are called and fight for the freedom of this world.

I do wish, though, that I could take it all back, simply because of the prophecy.


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