The Calling: continued

Chapter 1

Percy's POV

Read 'The Calling' to understand

I looked far off to the edge of our camp. There was a simple rope swing hanging from a tree. Charles had helped build it. It stung to remember he was gone.

Swinging on the small swing was Lacey, blond hair falling in front of her face. She wore all black now. It was sad to see how much she'd pulled away from everyone else after Chris' death. Sure it hurt, but Lacey wasn't herself anymore.

We hadn't talked in over a year and a half excluding the occasional 'hey' or training remarks.

"She's scary, huh?" A male voice said behind me.

I turned to see Wes, a son of Apollo, who apparently inherited the god's great looks and golden hair, "No, not really. I knew her before she was like this. I know her heart."

"Well that girl you knew seems to have died."

"Shut up and go bother someone else, Wes."

He put his hands up, "Sorry, sorry, just trying to help you out bud." He slapped my back in a friendly manner before heading to the other Apollo kids.

Maybe he was right. Maybe Lacey wasn't the same.

I sighed and headed to go eat.

I woe up to the sound of screaming.

"Let him go!"

"Put him down!"


I ran out, not caring I was only in pajamas. All the kids were huddled around the Ares cabin. I pushed my way through the shouting people to find Lacey gripping an Ares boy by the throat. His skin turning black around her hands and spreading slowly down his body. He could still breathe but she was literally ddamning him to helll.

"Lacey!" I yelled trying to grab her. "What are you doing?"

"Let him go, please!" Jessica, an Aphrodite girl, apparently the guys's girlfriend begged. She was sobbing as her friends desperately tried to keep her makeup from running.

Her eyes were numb, there was nothing.

"Lacey, you'll make them go through what you did except they'll have someone to blame."

She slowly turned her head to me, "I have someone to blame! My father." She let go of him and the blackness began to glide back to where she'd been holding his neck.

"I hate you!" She screamed kicking the ground over and over again. "I hate you so much! Why couldn't I just be happy?! Why didn't you take me?" The last sentence was filled with hopelessness and she sank to the ground. Her hair was full of knots and her eyes were dull. Her collarbones and cheekbones jutted out and her eyes were sunken in.

I picked her up gently but it didn't matter. She was gone right now, in her own little world she made up. Probably one with Chris in it, hopefully me too but it seemed as if she'd simply forgotten I was still alive and that Chris' death had hurt me too.

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