Hey! I wanna know my friends! Specially the close ones! read the intro

Guys, when i make a close friend, it hurts me when i dont know well about him/her. So i've got a lot of close friends around here, NOW! Well it's a surprise for me too! That there was a time i had no friend around here, but now, I've got friends!!!!!! yyaaayyyy!!! ^_^
So i want you all to tell me about you. Answer the questions below in comments, or repost, or in messages, and give more information than these questions if you want to, or if you think something is left. Love you all!

Chapter 1

My lovely dearest friends!

1)Your full name

2)Your age

3)Your date of birth

4)Where do you live

5)In which class you are

6)Your family

7)Which color do you like

8)Which eatable do you like(in every category)

9)Which beverage do you like


11)Which clothes do you like

12)Your fandoms

13)Your type of personality

14)Your love life

15)Your hobbie

16)Favorite subject/class

17)your favorite movies, songs, shows, celebrities, novels, etc etc

18)your idol

19)your religion

20)your height

21)what do you do in free time

22) anything extra.

now if anything else would come in my mind , i would update it

again: LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

''i dont know why am i being so lovey-dovey sweet lively bubbly soul today'' :P


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