Update! Nobody cares. Oh well.

Chapter 1

Update and new pics.. Reading this.. It turns out more to be an update about the boy..

Sooooo, I wanna start it off the same way as last time because it's pretty much true.
Soo I'm updating you on my life. Lol I know none of you care but that's partially why I'm doing it. Lol the other half is because I'm bored.

I haven't been on in a while again and looking back so much has changed!

Last time I reported that I broke up with the boyfriend and that we lost contact. So we actually came in contact again but let's just say, it was a disaster. However, haven't talked to him since 6 months now and don't really mind.

Then, I said how I had two P.E. classes both first period. So P.E. everyday and on fridays twice. I'm glad to say, I survived! And now have enough credits so I don't ever have to take it again! Woohoo!!!!
About the coach? Well.. he got me to join basketball and track.. Yeahhhh, ummm. never again. Never.

So my first P.E. class started off with 3, then right after that had 4, then 5 (the boy's twin brother joined), then 4 because one girl moved, then 3 because the other girl moved, and then it was the twins and myself. Talk about awkward.
My other P.E. class, ehh there's nothing special to say about that.

Now that boy I wrote about in my last post.. As time went on I just fell harder in deep like with him than any other boy. So I crushed on him for about 4 months before I knew that he knew (someone told him, but he didn't know that I knew he knew..). Then with each day I liked him a little more. His cockiness, his nerdyness, his voice, his smirk, his smile, his sarcasm, ugh just everything about him. So the crushing continues and the prom in may is coming up.. I grab all my confidence and ask him if he would like to go with me in April. It was super scary because he never had anything to do with girls or just have a rumor go around about him even liking a girl. So when he said yes, I felt pretty darn happy and special. Prom comes up, we go. We get Duke and Duchess, and during that dance I sarcastically ask him if he feels special now. His reply was in a serious tone "With you, yes". Bam, it was done right then and there, no other guy was on my mind more. Last two weeks of school I found out that he likes me too for sure (we were always kind of flirting but never really said anything). Talk about me being the happiest in a while. Well, we didn't get together because we knew he would move. We still hung out a little bit but the most that happened was me resting my head on his shoulder and him having his arm around me. Yep people, not even holding hands. So last meet comes and well, let's just say it didn't go to well. We got in a little argument with each other. Hugged each other, and left. I'm glad to say that we are still writing and it's like it was before. But I miss him so much, and wish I would have taken the chances I didn't take. Enough about him.

So homecoming, taking my german best friend. It was amazing but i mentioned how most of my friends moved... Talk about friends moving... Everybody moved now. I'm so lonely here.. We're moving in another month. One month of being lonely. Gahhhhh. But throughout the school year I did make a few more friends. Two of them being freshman. And I became friends with a sophomore towards the end of the school year and his crew and my crew just kind of melted together and it was the best crew ever haha. Good byes were hard.

The happy teacher was still happy throughout the year. Ugh. Blegh.

My project went well. The one with Albert Einstein. Even got in the top 3 :D Got a mug xD But algebra II and history teacher were still the best. I still e-mail my history teacher at times, because he became like a counsellor to me.. Lol

So, sophomore year was definitely the best school year ever and I wish this school would be open for just one more year... But now it's summer! I think the fourth or fifth week.. I don't know.. I don't know what day it is. x:
Like I said, no friends here so the computer is my friend. Just lovely. Well I have my german friend but she's still in school so blahhhh.

Well that was it about my update that no one cares about! Bye(:


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