Goodbye Quibblo

Goodbye Quibblo

A letter of resignation, of sorts.

Chapter 1

(Last) Song Of The Day: "The Light Behind Your Eyes" by My Chemical Romance (I'm dedicating it to all of you guys)

Hello, Quibblo. It's me. I'm sure most of you have completely forgotten about me, as it has been over a year since I was active on this site.

So much has changed. Where do I even begin?

I'm a very different person now. I beat depression, and I can honestly say I love myself now. That was pretty significant. I'm definitely no longer the random, spelling-error-laden, scene-kid twelve year old that I was when I joined this online community. I'm fifteen now. I like pop-punk music, and I'm into Doctor Who, Supernatural, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have blue hair and a genuine smile. My thoughts are very rarely plagued with vampires, werewolves, fallen angels and the like. I switched schools, fell in and out of love a couple of times, and found myself. And I'm happy. I'm really happy, for the first time in years.

I'm still writing. I have a Quotev ( ) and a Tumblr ( ), in case any of you would like to keep up with me.

I haven't thought about Quibblo in a long time.

Today, having been struck by an unfortunate and relentless cold, I've been spending my time alternating between my bed and my couch, wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. Quite by coincidence, I happened to remember the day I first became interested in creative writing. I wrote my first WWYFF quiz and posted it on here sometime in 2011, I believe. And I haven't stopped writing since.

Upon this realization, I decided to visit Quibblo and see, just for the fun of it, if I remembered my old login information. I remembered the great stories on here, and the wonderful friendships I made. Surprisingly, I was able to get into my old account on the first try. I had hundreds of messages (admittedly, I deleted most of them without reading them) and my old stories and quizzes were still getting noticed. It was quite a trip down memory lane, reading all my old stuff. My personality and writing skills have both developed and grown quite a bit since then.

I read some of my old favorite stories. Went through some old conversations with friends. Checked up on a few of my favorite people on here. It seems like most of my closest Quibblo friends are inactive now, and that's okay. That's good. We're growing up, moving on, becoming different people. It's natural. It's life.

I'm actually starting to get emotional now. I'm literally on the verge of crying. This website and the people on it used to be a very important part of my life, and I think part of me will always remember that. I hope you're all okay. I hope you're happy. I want all of you to have great lives.

Who knows, I might have more days like today where I log back on, read some old stuff, wallow in nostalgia a little. But I'll most likely be 99.99% inactive from now on, which is why I haven't edited my profile at all (in case you hadn't notice). I'm not going to delete though, because I don't believe in that. Memories need somewhere to go. An old profile I last updated when I was thirteen seems as good as any.

I'm just not the same person I was when I started this Quibblo thing, and I've moved on to a different stage in my life now. I hope you guys can accept that, and I hope no one resents me for leaving. Because, in a weird way, I feel a connection to the people on here. I'll miss you guys. I honestly feel like I'm writing the ending of a chapter of my life right now.

Have a great life for me, okay?

Goodbye, fellow Quibblo users. It's been fun. Thanks for everything.

Much love,

Princess_Awesome (I decided to sign off using my original username), active member 9/24/2011-7/3/2014

- The End -

(or is it the beginning?)


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