Things about Quibblo that I need to get out

Chapter 1

okay, just a rant about the whole story thing

So, I made many rants before, and I realised I came across as.. rude, I guess, which wasn't totally fair of me to do.
Now, I joined Quibblo many many many years ago, and have had three/four accounts on here, because for some reason I keep coming back.

Anyway, over the years I've noticed flaws with the community as a whole.
I used to be one of those really popular people on here throughout the years, but out of boredom, I left.

Now, it's great to have friends on here, or whatever. We all sometimes feel obliged to read our friends stories, because, why not? They're our friends and we want to praise them!
As a story community, I don't think that should be how it goes.

I've noticed that most people on here will only read a story if they're good friends with said user. It's one of the reasons I left, if being truthful. Now, I'm not going to deny I did this too, numerous times. However, with the communities on and AO3, you read stuff because it interests you. Chances are you'll never become friends with anyone on there, but they'll still read your stories.

Quibblo used to be a community that did that. Now, though, things have changed. I think people should go back to giving people a chance. How are new users going to develop as writers if no one gives them a chance?

I just thought everyone who reads this should realise that flaw, and maybe look for new things. Also, don't be afraid to give advice on their writing style. If I never got advice, chances are I'd still be writing like someone who has never opened a book.
Help others! I'm sure they'll appreciate it, even if it does't seem it at the time. Give stories a chance, and other users too. You'll find amazing works out there if you give it a second thought.

Just a thought.
See you!

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