One Hero at a Time (A Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles story).

Chapter 1

Desiree's POV

Okay, I'm going to be real here- I am far from normal. I just never realised how abnormal my life is until it was a little too late. I never considered that I could perhaps be important in uniting two sides. Oh, you've heard that before about the Greeks and Romans? You have absolutely no idea how different my situation is.

So, things mainly started getting weird when we were attacked by these snakes. I mean, snakes with wings. Yeah, basically nothing is ever normal in my life.

Um, maybe I should go back a few hours.

It was a pretty average day; the sun was reflecting off the lakes surface, sweat was glistening on our foreheads as we did our training. The sun bore down on us on this hot, hazy summers day, its rays burning the backs of our necks. It was just your typical day at Camp Half Blood.

I guess it isn't exactly an ordinary camp. It's a camp for people like me: demigods. You know the stories about the greek gods? Well, those stories are not myths. Every now and then a god comes down to earth and falls for a mortal being, and then they have children like me. My mom is a Goddess. Demeter. In my opinion, my mother isn't exactly a cool goddess. I've never met her before, but Demeter children aren't taken very seriously, which bothers me a lot.

Demeter is the Goddess of the harvest, life and death. She stays down in the underworld with my.. er, sister? Persephone is married to Hades, ruler of the underworld.. So.. In a confusing way I guess he's my brother in law? Hey, I don't know how these related to the Gods thing work, I'm only sixteen, I can't be expected to know everything!

Being the daughter of Demeter, I have this power where I can grow plants and such at will. It may not be considered the most amazing power for a demigod, but it had its perks when it came to payback when certain sons of Hemes try to prank us.

Anyway, to explain what exactly happened; I stood at the top of the climbing wall sighing in relief and victory. Desiree one hundred; Lava zero. Miranda Gardiner and Katie Gardner were standing at the bottom cheering me on.

All three of us looked scarily alike. We all inherited our mothers black hair along with her brown eyes. If it wasn't for my freckles on my face, people would think we were triplets. Katie had a more rounded face while Miranda had a thin face with a pointed chin. Their orange camp half-blood t-shirts were stained with mud and grass, like mine but mine also had scorch marks on it.

"Come on, let's get cleaned up, I bet dinner will be done soon!" Miranda called up to me. Glad to take a break from training, I hurled myself to the bottom of the wall and landed next to them. I unnattached myself from the rope, and sprinted after Katie and Miranda.

The pavilion is surrounded by four large Greek pillars on a hill which over looks the sea. The day sky turned pink in colour as the sun began to rest after a long day, and the world looked as though it were on fire.

I sat down with my half brothers and sisters at the Demete table. Food was being served out, and everyone waited for each other at my table. Just as we were about to rise and offer the best part of our meal to Demeter, a shriek arises from the Aphrodite table. Drew Tennaka looked horrified up at the sky, pointing in alarm.

"What- what are those flying towards us?" Knowing Drew it would appear to be nothing more than a normal house fly- but something about her horror stricken face made me look in the direction to where she was pointing.

In the horizon were the silhouettes of four odd looking flying things. It took my eyes minutes to adjust to what I was seeing. I made out the shapes snakes; four of them. But that couldn't be at right, as they were flying. Snakes couldn't fly.. that was absolutely insane.

I saw Chiron's tale flick nervously which happened only when something was deeply troubling him. His face grew pale as he saw the creatures heading straight for us.

Surely, hopefully, they couldn't get into the protective borders. But of course, I was wrong. Of course the unknown creatures were smart enough to fly to a certain height and fly over the magical protection. Why did I always have to be wrong?

"Get ready to fight!" Chiron called over the talk of the crowd. Immediately everyone got up, grasping swords and arrows in their hands. Luckily too, because we soon learnt that these snakes couldn't just fly, they could also breath fire. And even better, they brought back up. What must of been hundreds of these creatures flew down on us.

"Des, behind you!" Katie screamed. Gasping, I turned and sliced my sword down. There was a hiss from the snake and then steam. The snake burst into dust which flowed down onto the dry, green grass. One down, many, many more to go.

The Apollo cabin aimed with their arrows shooting down at least twenty of the snakes.

"Duck!" an Apollo son yelled to me. I obeyed and hit the ground, my sword gripped tightly in my hand. An arrow whizzed above my head, followed by an outraged hiss, and then some bit of silence.

I thanked him, and began slicing open these snakes. A snake blew out fire at me, singing the end of my hair, and burning the side of my neck. I let out a cry, but someone had already killed the snake by the time I could react.

I saw people fall to the ground in pain, but soon the snakes were all gone.

The aftermath wasn't great. People were bitten and sent to the infirmary and some were badly burnt and were being treated for by the Apollo cabin who looked in no state themselves to be healing others.

"Desiree, your neck," someone pointed out. My hand flew up to it, and I looked to the speaker. Will Solace was standing there, holding someone up, their arm around his shoulder.

"It's fine," I lie, although I could already feel it blistering.

He looked at me doubtfully, and I averted my gaze. He called to one of his brothers, and they come over. He handed over the person he was helping, and walked over to me as they carry the person away. His hand brushed my neck, and my cheeks felt as though they were on fire.

He began to sing an ancient Greek hymn, and for a moment I'm dazed as he sang. The pain in my neck began to cool, and after a minute, it felt as though nothing had ever happened to it.

When he pulled his hand away, it tingled where he had touched it.

"Good as new," he commented, smiling softly at me.

I rubbed my neck, feeling no blister, and I smiled back to him. "Thanks, Will."

He ran off towards the injured people, and my eyes followed after him.

All that was on my mind was: What in Hades were those creatures? We've studied so many creatures but never have I come across any creatures such as them. I looked at Chiron who seemed baffled at this. I decided I was going to suck it up and get some answers- I wasn't the only one either.

I joined a group that was forming around Chiron. "What was that?" Clarisse exclaimed just as I reached the group.

"I've never seen such creatures!" Annabeth said, just as confused as the rest of us were. I could see in Chiron's eyes that he had a hunch at what may be those creatures.

"You know," I said before I could help myself. Chiron looked down at me expressionless. It was like trying to read a rock- impossible. He sighed and he flicked his tail once again.

"I'm afraid I do, and I fear that things may be changing at the camp once again, for the worst," he told us. A collective whisper made its way around the group once again.

"What do you mean? Tell us what they are," Percy demanded.

"I believe they are called Uraeus, Creatures of Ra.. Or, the Egyptian God of the sun.."
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