Song from my favorite anime BLUE EXORCIST

Chapter 1

Battle Scars

We are all in together
Call it a grudge I call it a better
Way to channel my burden From hurt and
I refuse to forget that I am who I am
Not a demon or man But I fight to defend
My life and my friends The world that I'm
Is the home that I know
Even though they say I don't really fit when I

But This is My curse and my strength
Born of bad blood but raised with the faith
and hope
That I could do better Be better
Better believe that I will never let a drop of bad blood
stop me
from reaching my destiny ever
said out ill never let a drop of bad blood
stop me from reaching my destiny

I do what I do cause I've chosen my way
Raised by a rebel Sly path's where I stay
Never battle for blood Or take life without
Trust seeing's believing
I am what you see bat watch the actions
When I unleash what's within
My True Heart shaped by love has the
fiercest of passions
So I grow and you grow
Still I know I don't know what my limits are
Cause its always in the heat of battle where
I need to show and prove
When it comes down to it (they wanna know)
"What will you really do"
So I train to get focused let me get loose
I step from the car take the wheel I've got
demons to deal with
Unsheathe the sword Blue flames ablate Ok
let's do this

Set em up / knock em down Theirs always
Someone to protect
And I wanna move now No time to debate
It's not complicated while yon want me to
I ready to take the party to whoever wants it
There's too much action going on for me to
lay low
So What I want IS to be strong as I can
Now let me glow like a beacon of hope
No I'm not blind to the fact of the techniques
I lack I'm still a work in progress and
We're all learning to focus
But Don't hold me back base on my blood
It's origin is not an oracle for my life nor my
Your choices are yours My choices are
I'm choosing to Be the best bar none
with friends that help keep me in line
We are all in together with good reasons to
We want to live better Overcoming loss and
No time to get distracted
Time is short and the enemy may have more
strength at night
But There is no mission abort The only path
to cut is forward
Now lets go for it it's past the point of no
Time to move forward

They call me Spawn of the Devil But I Don't
want Gehenna
So to Hell with the Devil For my family and
Ill be a defender count on me as a wild card
Though I'm not a weapon I make my curse
a blessing
To defend what's important count on me as a
wild card
God,Use my curse as a blessing


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