Mistakes I've Made (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Mistakes I've Made (A Harry Styles Love Story)

What do you do when you have to support your family at 20 years old, but you're still in uni? you get a job. but what if that job involves a world famous band full of privileged people, when you havent been privileged a day in your life? suddenly the spot light is on you and its your job to keep the band in a good light after mistakes they've made.

Chapter 1

Where to Begin

Elena Marie Bishop
age 20
height 5'4
weight 115 (very muscular)
family one sister, 27, married and has two children.
occupation studying at University of London in performing arts, wants to be an actress/model.

Liam's POV

"where is Harry?" Paul asked us. the lads and i were in a band meeting. i sat beside Zayn while Louis and Niall sat across from us at the table. Paul was standing at the head of the table, arms crossed, and he looked pissed. all of us lads looked at each other. we had no idea. this was Harry's new thing. he would go out to a club every night, meet a girl, and then we wouldn't see him for at least a day. I thought he had a little more sense than to miss a band meeting. Paul stressed band meetings to the point that we knew to never ever miss one, or we would end up kidnapped by the body guards. "I havent seen him since last night." i told Paul honestly. all the other nodded sadly. Harry was quickly going off the deep end, sleeping with random women, drinking, partying, and just going crazy. Those things are fine in moderation, but every night? Harry needs serious help. "next time you see him, tell him that if he doesn't get his act together, im going to do something drastic that he wont like." paul said, and with that he left and slammed the door. "Harry better home none of his escapades end up in the tabloids, or else hes done for." Louis said. i nodded. we could only hope that wouldn't happen. And yet, the next day, it did.

Elena's POV

"What did you get on that Shakespeare final?" Andrew asked me, as we walked to our cars after class. "What did you get?" i asked him as i bit into my apple. "an eighty-seven! Kline said only one person got over a ninety on it! can you believe that?!" he said to me. i nodded. I was not going to tell him that i was that person, and my actual grade was a one hundred. Professor Kline was proud to tell me that i was the only person in his class to ever get a one hundred on the Shakespeare final. I was hoping that this would help me get a good letter of recommendation for my resume when i apply for movies at the end of this year. Professor Kline is my favorite teacher. A lot of people think he is too hard, but he really pushes me and i like to be challenged in my acting.

"Earth to El! where is your brain lately?" Andrew asked me as we stood by our cars. "sorry! i was just thinking about next year and graduation." i told him as i reached to check my phone. i had a new voice mail from an unknown number. i listened to it an was shocked by the message. "whats that face for?" Andrew asked me as he threw his back pack into his car. "i have a possible acting job.... ill text you later, okay? love you!" i said as i climbed into my car. "love you too! have fun!" he shouted as i drove away.

I walked into the coffee shop not really knowing what to expect. I walked over to the only other person in the whole place. "Um, excuse me? are you Paul?" i asked the man sitting in the booth. "Oh! yes, i am! im so sorry, i was looking through the unending emails and voice mails i get in an hour. you must be Elena Bishop. its nice to finally meet you. please sit!" He said and smiled at me. i sat at the booth across from him. "Okay, this won't take long. you listened to my voice mail obviously or you wouldn't be here. So the job is a live in position. i've already contacted your school, and you can do all your school work online and listen to lectures so you wont miss anything except for the senior showcase, however if you do this well, you wont need a showcase to get you a job. The boys are in serious media trouble, and the fans aren't as loyal as they used to be. Our biggest issue is Harry. He is going off the deep end quickly, and we need to fix his image. You will be his fake girlfriend. you will make sure that he doesn't party, or if he does, its in moderation. the company is fed up with his behavior and he needs to start acting like an adult. You will get your own room in the house that we are renting for you an the boys. you will have your clothes, shoes, make up, furniture all paid for and provided by the record company for the next nine months. You get any car you could wish for, and in the end, the company will pay you ten million euros." he said.

I was honestly so shocked i didnt know what to say. "ten million?" i asked him. he just nodded. i thought about how badly my family needs that money. "ill do it under one condition." i told him. "anything." he said. "i want my dream car. and it doesn't come cheap." i told him. after i told him exactly what car i wanted, we had come to a deal. I could have the car if i did the job for 8 million. i said sure. "I will send a car to pick you up from your apartment at eight tomorrow morning. you'll be driven to an abandoned building and we will give you a make over and size you for your new wardrobe. i know you are exactly who we are looking for." he told me. "how did you find me? if you dont mind me asking." I asked him. "we were looking through all local actresses/models and we cam to your impressive grades in the dramatic arts and when i talked to your professor he practically glowed when talking about you. so you were an obvious choice. it helps that you are a nobody and that you dont have a troubled past for the paparazzi to dig into. You also match Harry's*TB normal type, which makes it more believable." he said. he answered a few more questions and then i went home. i had a big day tomorrow.

TBC :)

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