Survivor Writing Contest Signups.

Chapter 2

Original Contestants

Team A

1. amani727
2. bookgeek10
3. HermionesEVILtwin
4. HayleyFlynn_Rawr
5. LuluXD
6. heartofcourage
7. lighthousepaint97
8. BrittaniaLove
9. GreyShadow7
10. BlonePrincess623

Team B
1. Someone_Like_You
2. WritingKing
3. wizard234
4. alexandratitans
5. purplerain1234
6. pinkyfreckles
7. dlakshmi
8. books
9. A_Small_Drop
10. bookworm135

So, I know some, a lot actually, of these people have deleted/gone inactive (like my beautiful best friend HayleyFlynn_Rawr, who I miss deeply). If you specifically know any of them who are no longer on here, please comment. Also comment if you would like to compete, whether you are on this list or not!

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