Survivor Writing Contest Signups.

Chapter 1


So, I started this competition about a year ago, and I got 20 people to sign up, but it never happened. Multiple competitors went inactive right as we were about to start, and then I went inactive myself. But now that I am back, I really want to start it again! Me and Claire (CVBD) had a lot of stuff planned, and she has agreed to judge with me again! I am just resending the original sign-up (below), with a few-tweaks. I am competing in the Quibblo Idol Contest and the Quibblo Big Brother, and getting Quibblo back to the way it was is very important to me, and I really think starting more projects and competitions like these may help. If you were on the original sign-up list, I hope you are still willing to compete! If you're not, now is your second chance to sign up! :)


So I had an idea for a writing contest type thing. I was inspired by the idea of the reality show, Survivor. Basically there are two teams, and they compete in challenges. Then the team who loses, has to vote someone off. Eventually, the teams combine and they begin having solo challenges, until three people are left. Then all the people who have been voted off, get to pick a winner.

So I decided to do the same type of thing, except the challenges will revolve around writing, and some quiz-making. Basically, here is how it will work-

Depending on how many people I get, I will split you into 2 teams. Then, I will reveal the first challenge.

Challenges may be group stories, poems, short stories, quizzes, etc. Depending on the task, the time limit may range from 3 days to 3 weeks. When there are only 10 authors remaining, there will start to be individual challenges.

The winners of each challenge will be decided on by myself, and two other judges. (If you would like to be a judge, message me, though there is only room for one more) Once a winner of that particular challenge has been decided on, I will message everyone on that team, who they would like to "vote out,"

BEFORE YOU SIGNUP: Remember that only one person can win, so be prepared to lose. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings during this, but please don't be upset if you get voted out, this is all for fun and I don't want to cause any drama.

With that said, I really want this to be fun, and competitive! I am super excited about this and really want you guys to sign up! For anyone who is confused, I will go over the rules for each challenge with you before it begins.

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