Writing Updates

I've been on an unannounced writing hiatus for a while, but now that the school year's over I have more time, so I'm going to start writing again.

Chapter 1


http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/iW2gaN4/The-Charmed-and-The-Cursed-The-Immortal-Sorceress (The Charmed and the Cursed: The Immortal Sorceress)

I may or may not make a major edit of this story; I kind of have an idea for a brand new story, but I'm considering incorporating it into this one instead. If I decide to combine the ideas, it will be very different from the original plot, and as a result, will be pretty much a new story. The first chapter of this new story would most likely be published on Quibblo sometime this weekend.

If I do not combine the stories, I will probably update TCATC sometime next week, and the new one will be up around Monday.

http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/iEy6VTs/Into-Freezing-Water-Original-Story (Into Freezing Water)

I'm planning on working on this one soon, since I know which direction I'm heading in with the next chapter. It will most likely be updated some time between today and Sunday.

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