Area 25 and a half (WWYFF)

So this is the winner, I hope everyone likes it if you want to change tell me! Please give me feedback and I'll try to post the first actual quiz tonight later on M'kay!! Enjoy ^-^ oh and Kidnapped came in second so I will start tat after this!! c:

Chapter 1


by: nyan_sama
beep beep beep you sat up startled and looked at your clock 11:23 "No!!" You exclaimed hopping up and scrambling about your room, throwing on this you grabbed your lab coat, bag and keys feeding your cat on the way out. You drove to your work building like a speed demon arriving at exactly 11:45. "You're late" your boss scolded the second you walked in, you were supposed to be at work at 11:00 "I'm so sorry ma'am it won't happen again" you said, even though you were just an interm you were held to very high standards "sure, go take inventory on the Areas" she said shoving a clipboard in your hands and walking off.

You sighed eh could be worse you thought to yourself walking to make sure everything was shipshape in the areas. "Ok area 3 all good, area 16 great, area 20 locks broken and appears empty." As you were walking you saw an unmarked door, you decided to peek inside.

You opened the door with your swipe key and looked inside, what you saw amazed you, even working at a government facility. You saw a room appearing to go 'people' walking around. They looked normal but some didn't, some had cat ears, some fangs, some were transparent but none noticed you. Your curiosity took over.

You walked over to a group of boys who looked about your age sitting in the grass talking, two were arguing, one of which had white cat ears and a tail which twitched as you approached. They went silent and watched you walk over "hey guys" you said cheerfully trying to appear normal. You sat down with them, in between another one with cat ears and tail, this time black and a slightly transparent boy with with brown hair. "Um hello, who are you exactly" the one with the white ears responded "oh silly me, I'm _ and you are?" You said with a giggle "I'm Joel and this is my twin brother Noel" he said gesturing to the one with black cat ears Noel grinned at you "I'm Chris pleasure to meet you" the blond one said with a shy smile revealing pointy canines. "I'm Carson love" the slightly transparent one with brown hair said kissing your hand.

You blushed "I like her guys let's keep her" he said putting his arm around you. "I haven't seen you around before what's with the lab coat" Joel asked peering at your lab coat. "Well I'm an intern at this lab and I was curious about this room" you said. They all looked at you puzzled. Carson removed his arm from around you.

"What so you mean this is... um, well where is this again?" He said "its our home town duh" Chris replied "yeah but like what's it called" all of the boys looked stumped. There was a silence "I don't know I guess since we just grew up here we never thought about it." "You what! That's insane its not right. You should be kept here! I mean you all look my age and if you grew up here that's almost two decades!!" You yelled you were so angry, how could the government do this they were living beings after all even if they weren't 'normal' but why must they be kept here. It was there and then that you decided that no matter what you were going to help.


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