Rant Book

I'm actually doing this again.

Chapter 1

Attention Seekers

In a way, seeing people as "attention seekers" is a bit narcissistic, don't you think? Allow me to explain. You see people doing something, and you assume that it's because they care about what you think and they want your attention. Really? You know, people can do things for themselves. Sometimes people just want to do something. Just because someone has poetry in their "about me" or bio, doesn't mean that they want you to think that they're deep. Just because people have "dark" usernames or nicknames doesn't mean that they wish to appear as dark. Just because people open up about themselves doesn't mean that they want your pity. A lot of times that's the last thing that they want. I just don't understand it. People encourage being yourself and expressing yourself, but when you do, you get accused of just seeking attention? So, stop being so judgmental. Sure, some people do just want to be the centre of attention, and i'm certainly not denying that, but don't just assume that. By saying things like that, you might as well be telling people to just shut up. To go back to not bottling up their emotions, which is hard after finally building up the courage to say something about it.

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