The Storytellers

Chapter 1


"Sir, Princess Cordelia of the Kingdom de Fleur will be heading to Hatchben in a fort's night."

The scout spoke to the leader of his gang with a tremendous unease. The leader was known to be cruel to those not in his inner circle. The scout was not one of those people.

"Do you think me an idiot?" The man said. His voice was quiet yet it cut through the night, sending a chill straight to the scout's bones.

"No, sir! Of course not!" The scout hastened to say, wary of the leader's wrath.

"Then why, Bently, are you telling me something I already know?"

"Um, I was just...I-i thought perhaps that you had f-forgotten, sir."

The scout felt a blade under his chin, as his leader spoke once more to him, "Now are you implying that I am a forgetful idiot?"

"N-no sir! I'm sorry sir! I didn't mean it sir!"

The leader pushed the trembling man away from him, "You are such a disappointment Beston."

"Its Aarons, sir-Ah!" The scout yelped, and scrambled away as a knife stuck itself in the ground beside his head.

The leader watched as his scout ran a safe distance away from him, nursing a wounded ego. Though, he was lucky to get away with just that.

The leader of the Storytellers was not a man known for his mercy. But he had a special victim in mind.

He was going to kill Princess Cordelia.

And he was going to do it himself.

Four weeks later, our story begins with the apparently ill-fated Princess, Cordelia; her handmaiden and best friend, Matilda; the knight bound by duty to protect them, Will; the villager who thought they were only showing the royal the way, Cleo; and the Emhile assassin who has a job to complete, Thane. These five teenagers met each other, never expecting to be chased down by the notorious gang known as The Storytellers.

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