The Curse of Tempastatum

Hi guys! :) This is a group story written by: AthenatheRavenclaw13, pinkyfreckles, CaptainCookiez, LuluXD and myself. Please comment, rate and enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Ella Ferus:

I wake to a familiar ceiling of snow and the revolting stench of wolf breath - yeah, I said wolf (as in savage, carnivorous animal) breath. This, however is (sadly) quite normal for me, living in an igloo with a wolf and all. I push the large furry grey lump off me with difficulty and receive an irritated growl in response.

"Yeah, yeah Dusty," I growl back, "I'm not the one who's breath smells like raw rabbit!"

We spent all day making up camp yesterday as normal, but several of the tribes igloos had to be rushed as a blizzard thundered in about an hour before nightfall. That's why I'm crouching as I pull on my warm, animal skin shoes and multiple layers. You might be wondering why I wasn't freezing to death last night in a land of only ice, snow and temperatures of below twenty degrees. However, believe it or not, snow insulates so it's quite warm inside an igloo. Also, the dome shape doesn't offer much resistance to the wind.

I fasten my belt complete with razor sharp knife around my waist and hang a sheath of twelve arrows around my neck. Then, I strap my trusty, treasured bow to my back and check that I'm still wearing my old, worn out wolf fang necklace.

I'm taking two of my younger cousins on their first hunt today and I'd bet you half my arrows that neither of them got more than a couple hours sleep last night. They're twins: twelve year old Axel and Emery, who I'm sure are the most excitable kids in the whole of Oransven. As hunting requires you to be as quiet and careful as possible, you'd be right in thinking that I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect.

As if on cue, one small, flushed face pops into the entrance of my igloo, almost immediately followed by its twin. The boys are identical - and not just, you know sort of identical. They are perfect doubles of each other right down from their shaggy, tousled, dark brown hair, to their large grey eyes, skinny torso's and toothpick legs complete with too-big feet. I glare at them and so does Dusty, snarling in annoyance. "Hi Ella, you're finally awake!" exclaims Axel. Emery chips in with a "hurry up, all of the rabbits will have died of old age by the time you get up!" Further irritated by their chirpy little voices, I throw the object nearest to me at them, which happens to be my hat. Damn it. "Give it back guys, or you can forget the rabbit. You're the one's I'll be serving up to dinner tonight!"

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