Quibblo matchmaker.

Quibblo matchmaker.

Its an idea. I thought of it earlier and I wanna try it out.

Chapter 1

Quibblo matchmaker.


Its wedding season so I thought how about I become a personal quibblo matchmaker! Its only a bit of fun, no harm meant and its simply a laugh. Basically, I'm gonna match you to someone who you have similar interests too. I really want to try it and I'm sure it'll be amusing. Just comment your name below and I'll inbox you your match and a percentage of how much you'll get on with them. If anyone dosen't want to get involved just message me and I'll make sure your not mentioned.

LETS GET MATCHING! Pings a cupid arrow

Much love,
Angel xoxoxoxo

P.s No harm meant, so please don't take it seriously and have fun! :D


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