It's Complicated (A Vampire Story)

A vampire story reboot written by myself and IhateVEGETABLES. As the name implies, It's things get a bit complicated between Summer, Alexis, Violet, and Claude.

Chapter 1

Under the Stars- Summer

by: Jade_Owl
I stepped out into the soft, dewy, evening. The sun was just starting to go down, and the stars would be out soon. I walked down the pathway away from my house and got into my best friend Alexis' car.
"Hey!" I said excitedly. "You ready?"
"Yep," he said, starting to drive. "You look beautiful, Summer"
"Oh! uhh... thanks!" I said, trying to hide my excitement. He was my best friend, but I loved him anyways. He was tall and handsome and just an amazing person...but, he would never love me back... I could tell.

When the car stopped, I could already hear the music booming. But, what did I expect at a party like this? We stepped out of the car and went into the house that was filled with bright and colorful lights.
The music was almost deafening inside, and there were more popular people everywhere. Alexis and I kinda stayed to the side. We're the nerdy kids in school, we didn't really have many friends, we mostly hung out with each other. The only reason we were even at the party is because the whole eleventh grade was invited and we had nothing better to do.

"So..." I said "this is awkward" we weren't doing much, just standing.
"Yeah..." he said.
"Umm, I heard there's gonna be a new student coming, you think he's here?"
"No" he started "or else Miss I'm-all-that-Violet Culprite would be all over him"
I smiled and looked up. Yup, the queen bee herself was alone. I smiled about what Alexis called her. I used to think that he, like everyone else, liked her. But, when he started making comments like that, I quickly dismissed the theory.

It was getting really hot in there, with all the people dancing and (/ughhh/) grinding with each other. Plus, I think some people were staring to drink alcohol. I really wanted to leave.
"You wanna get out of here?" Alexis asked with a smile. Sometimes it was like we could read each other's minds just by looking at each other. That's how close we were. He knew I wanted to go and I think he did too.
"Yeah" I said "Let's go by the lake"

We stepped out of the car and went through the little patch of trees towards the end of the woods. Soon, we were in a clearing, by a huge lake. Across it, you could see bright lights from homes and streets. I sat on the ground and Alexis sat beside me. For years this had been our special place, our own little spot in the world where nothing bad could happen. It was peaceful. We could sit for hours talking about random things. We had before and we did again that night. Many times here I though of telling him how I felt, but I never did. I knew he didn't feel the same, and if I told him... It could ruin our friendship. And I can't let that happen.

"So, there's that new kid coming tomorrow" I said cheerily "Should be interesting"
"But what if he's a.... or worse, a hunter?" he said, somewhat nervously.
"Don't think about that" I was the only one who knew about his little secret...

"So, uhh...we should probably get home soon" he said
"Yeah..." I replied, as we stood up to leave.
We were more awkward and silent as he drove me home. It was always that way. We were always kind of awkward, except for when we were by the lake. We were so similar and always comfortable with each other. I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow in school.

And that night, when I was trying to sleep... I couldn't think about anything except us talking under the stars.

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